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[PlayStation 4] The Forest Review

[PlayStation 4] The Forest Review
  • On August 14, 2019

The Forest is a single-player and multiplayer game on PlayStation 4 that is a lot of fun to play. Learn more about it in our The Forest review!


In The Forest, you are tasked with surviving out in the wild as you take care of yourself, interact with flora and fauna, and try to keep away from the very dangerous enemies in the area. You can take on this one on your own or dive into a multiplayer session, and play either in one of three difficulty settings: Normal, which is the regular recommended experience, Hard in which enemies are stronger, and survival is a bit tougher, and Hard Survival where enemies pack a punch, and you will have a rough time surviving if you make a mistake or two here and there.

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There is also the option of playing the game in Peaceful mode. What Peaceful mode removes all enemies from the game world, which means you’ll only have to focus on dealing with the survival side of things to keep your character alive and well. As long as you work towards keeping your hunger and thirst in check, you’ll be able to enjoy the game since you’re under no real danger as you explore the peninsula, not having to worry about running into a cannibal group… or worse.


The Forest begins as you’re sitting inside of a plane with your son asleep on the seat next to you. He was reading a book on survival before feeling too tired. The plane enters some turbulence, and things go terribly wrong a few seconds after when an engine explodes. The plane ends up falling down without the pilots being able to do anything about it, and after the plane crashes, you lose consciousness. Covered in blood and with no idea of what to do, you soon realize that your son is missing in who knows where it is that you crash landed.

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Since you’re very hungry, step one is going to be finding some food, something to defend yourself, and something to drink. Luckily food had been served on the plane a little before things took a turn for the worse, so if you look around you will find trays with food, some sodas, and a few bottles of booze. Using the axe that was, unfortunately, stuck to a dead flight attendant’s body, you can scan the crash site for some suitcases you can open by swinging the axe with the R2 button, so that you can collect some supplies – pieces of cloth, snacks, cash (which you can use to stoke fires), etc.

Since crafting is going to be a big part of your gameplay experience, you should also collect any rocks or sticks you find in this area, so that you can be ready for building some new items that will bring you closer towards building a shelter for you to have a chance at surviving what you will find in this forest. To craft some new items, press the touchpad on the DualShock 4 to open the crating section. Here you will see all of the things you’re carrying with you, separated into groups of the same item, so that you can either use them (say, by drinking a can of soda), or by combining them with other items – combine a bottle of booze with a piece of cloth to create a very handy Molotov cocktail.

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If you want to learn more about crafting items and building things, you should check out the survival guide that your son as reading before the plane crashed. This book will be a very valuable tool as it can tell you how to craft stuff, how to identify the flora and fauna in the surrounding area (and in the caves you will visit), how to create different types of fires (there’s a big difference between starting a basic fire and building a fire pit), how to make shelters of different resistance, how to create items to help you collect water, dry up items, or to store the materials you’ve collected, and more.

You’ll soon realize you’re most certainly not alone in this area, as you will run either into creepy cannibals – which are actually human mutants – or into weird-looking creatures that would not look out of place in a Silent Hill game. It’s hard to talk about the game’s story without spoiling things since the story is an interesting part of The Forest, so what I can tell you is that things are not what they seem, and the mutants you run into are like that for a reason. Oh, and everyone who has set foot in this area has not managed to walk out of there alive.


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As for the trophies, The Forest includes a full trophy list with a Platinum, and it’s going to take you dozens of hours to get all of the trophies due to the game’s survival nature and how you’ll be exploring a rather large area with several caves that can prove to be very dangerous if you don’t have the right tools, weapons, and items. Most of the trophies can be obtained while playing offline, but some of them will require you to host an online game as they can only be unlocked during a multiplayer session.

The Forest is a fun survival horror game on PlayStation 4 that has an interesting story and set up, and a lot of content to offer. The different difficulty options, as well as the Peaceful mode that removes all enemies, means that this one has something to offer for all types of gamers – and once you complete the game you’ll gain access to Creative mode in which there are no enemies, no survival and you can build anything you want, which is a nice reward for having what it takes to complete this journey.

This The Forest review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by End Night Games.

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