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[Beyond PlayStation] Event Horizon Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Event Horizon Review
  • On August 15, 2019

Are you ready to explore the galaxy in Event Horizon from Drageus Games on Nintendo Switch? Check out our Event Horizon Review!


In Event Horizon, you are the Commander in charge of a deep space expedition, aboard the titular spaceship. Your ship has a hyperdrive which allows you to travel between the stars. Your vessel also carries several combat ships… you know, in case you run into hostiles. As expected, there are going to be plenty of hostiles to fight in this one,

The game offers you the option of going into a training tutorial (which I recommend) or skipping the training session (don’t do this). It is here you will learn that you are to select a combat ship from the available options to battle your enemies – which for this training session look like enemies from the classic Space Invaders, pixels and all. You must use the left analog stick to fly around in space, as you press the A, B, X, ZL or ZR buttons to attack, depending on what weapons you have equipped. You must pay attention to your enemies’ health as well as your own so that you can regroup and rethink your strategy if you’re in danger of going boom.

Event Horizon Review - 1


You can’t just shoot your weapons over and over again since they have a limited ammo count that is represented by the row of yellow pixels next to the row of green pixels that represents your health. For reference, your health and ammo bars will be on the left side of the screen, while your enemies’ will be presented on the right side of the screen. If you are defeat, which will certainly happen at some point, you will get to select another ship before you go back into the fight. The enemy you were battling will remain at the same overall health, and you will get to see this represented by a percentage before you once again dive into battle.

As you play the game and win battles, you will gain some of the in-game currency, which is represented by a weird-looking green glowing symbol. This can be used to purchase new combat ships to add to your fleet, new weapons, and new support items. There is also a workshop where you can build new things, such as fuel cells, a small nuclear reactor or light titanium armor to boost your defenses but for this you will need not only some of the in-game currency but also some stars (except for the first item you can craft, which uses no stars). You will also gain other loot as you defeat hostile ships, which will go into your cargo hold.

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Exploring the galaxy is not an easy task, and as you move from area to area, you will run the risk of encountering enemies that will instantly try to attack your vessel. It is then that you will get to review the overall difficulty of the fight you’re about to take on, and you can either decide to go for it or retreat to safety so that you can trace another route to a different area. This is a great option for when you end up feeling unprepared so that you can perhaps purchase some new weapons, craft new items, or buy more combat ships so that you can be able to match the challenge up ahead. Do remember that as you travel, you will use up fuel, so you’ll certainly want to buy more at the store as needed.

Each of the combat ships you use will gain experience points as they attack and defeat hostiles, eventually leveling up, so be sure to use all of your combat ships so that you can give all of them a chance to level up, or else you might find yourself in a predicament when you are faced with a more difficult battle, and the one combat ship you were using to defeat all enemies up to that point ends up exploding in battle, leaving you with a group of combat ships that are miles behind those of your opponents.

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Each of the combat ships has a set of stock modules equipped, and you can use the modules you obtain for your fleet to change things around, adding more modules to boost the combat ship’s stats, balancing things out so that it’s not too heavy since that will make it fly very slowly, making it a sitting duck in battle. You can also use this section to assign weapons to a specific button (A, B, X, ZL, or ZR) for you to use in battle so that you can have a combat ship that is ready to face enemies big and small.

Event Horizon Review - Ship

As Commander you will also gain experience, and as you level up you will get points you can use to unlock one of the over one hundred skills available in the Commander’s skill tree – things such as increasing all ships resistance, how fast energy shields recharge, boosting their speed, increase heat resistance, lower the price of things in the workshop, lower the level requirements in the workshop, lower the prices in the store, boost the odds of finding valuable items, and much more. It’s a big skill tree!

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Event Horizon is a very addictive space game that is a steal at only $5.99 on the Nintendo Switch. I was pleasantly surprised by its the gameplay loop, the large number of ships you can get – and customize -, the considerable amount of weapons, the very high number of skills to unlock in the Commander’s skill tree, and how each battle feels different from the rest due to the variety of enemies you will be facing up against. I highly recommend you give Event Horizon ago on Nintendo Switch!

This Event Horizon review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Drageus Games.

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Fun and very addictive deep-space exploration shoter