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[Beyond PlayStation] Eagle Island Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Eagle Island Review

Eagle Island is a pretty Metroidvania with procedurally generated dungeons and roguelike elements. Learn more about this gem in our Eagle Island review!




Something I have to mention right away is that you can play Eagle Island the way you like to, going for a bit more casual dive into the game, or play it with roguelike elements as you take on bigger challenges with permadeath thrown in. You play as Quill in this charming adventure that has two pet owls, Koji and Ichiro. Unfortunately, something terrible happens, and Ichiro is owlnapped by a giant vulture, so it’s up to you and Koji to try and save Ichiro… but how is the question, and the answer lies in your adventure on the island.

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Within a couple of minutes of starting the game, you meet someone who gives you a falconry glove, which allows you as the player to control Koji in combat. You can aim Koji while on the ground or in mid-air and attack whatever is in front of you. It’s a great mechanic and one that really does make this one stand out from other Metroidvania games you might have played, and it will change how you approach the game when you’re fighting against multiple enemies – you’ll get the hang of things.


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When exploring, you can access your map to see where you’re at and where you’re going to. Anything with a question mark bubble has something worth exploring. Sometimes you might hit a dead-end or a puzzle that you can’t solve until you have another ability, and it’s there that the Metroidvania kicks in. You’re playing a platforming Metroidvania with roguelike elements, as you find new abilities that will help you progress in the game. After half an hour with the game, you’ll feel right at home.

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You need to have a completionist mind to play Eagle Island as you will need to search far and wide to defeat all enemies and find the end for each of the dungeons you’ll visit. Since this one has roguelike elements, if you die inside of a dungeon, you’ll be taken back to the start, but the layout of the dungeon, the way rooms are set up, the spots where enemies will be at, those will be different. You’re going to find a boss at the end of a dungeon, so you better be ready for a fight!


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To strengthen Quill and make it possible for him to survive through a dungeon, you’ll need to use runes. Quill has several rune slots available, and you’ll collect runes inside of the dungeon and slot them to add different benefits. These might be getting extra hearts for your health bar, being able to send Koji in for an attack right away if he misses with an attack, being able to open a set of treasure chests without having to pay for them to open, and more. It’s an interesting system, and it keeps dungeons feeling fresh.

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Speaking of treasure chest, as you play the game and defeat enemies you’re going to pick up some of the in-game currency, and you can use this to purchase the runes at the shop bird, or to top off your health or to recover some of your magical energy. There are also special treasure chests that will require you to pay a fee before you can open them, which is why it’s always important that you collect as much of the in-game currency as possible so that you can be properly prepared.

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Eagle Island is a very good game with fun gameplay mechanics, challenging dungeons that are randomly generated, and plenty of stuff to do. There are many areas to explore, several bosses to defeat, and even a speedrun mode that will challenge you every week. If you’re looking for a good Metroidvania on Nintendo Switch, then Eagle Island is a solid option to add to your collection.
This Eagle Island review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Screenwave Media.

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Fun Metroidvania with some roguelite elements