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[Beyond PlayStation] Hook Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Hook Review

Hook is a minimalist puzzle game with white backgrounds and black lines, some looking like hooks, hence the name. Learn more in our Hook review!


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In Hook, your goal is very simple: you need to retract lines in a certain order to complete the level. That’s s all you are required to do from start to finish. Use the left thumbstick to pick which lines you want to retract, and then press the A button to start the process. You can also use the Nintendo Switch’s touchscreen when playing in tabletop or portable mode, which does feel a bit faster and more intuitive, but both options are viable. The first set of levels are easy to complete, but the difficulty does ramp up as you go, and new elements are added, making you pay more and more attention to the layout of each stage.

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Something I really liked about the game is how everything is there to keep you focused on the puzzles and on immediately retrying after you’ve made one-too-many mistakes. There are no penalties, no timers, no game over, so you can take your time as you try and find the right solution for the predicament at hand, and even when you make a mistake, you can just give it another go right from the start.

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The one complaint I’d personally have about Hook is that the white backgrounds for the puzzles are, well, white. This can sometimes give some people a headache, which is why some games offer a dark mode that flips things around, changing white to black and black to white. This is something that the indie developer can consider to implement for Hook so that the background is black while the lines are white, as it would go a long way to help people that might not be able to dig the white background.

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The developer for Hook certainly had relaxation in mind when creating this minimalist puzzler, as both the graphics and the music play towards this goal. The soundtrack is a soft ambient and meditative set that will help you relax as you try to complete each of the puzzles on offer, retrying a stage once you’ve made that final mistake that resets the whole thing. Hook is only $1.99 in the Nintendo eshop and is well worth the price of admission as it offers plenty of levels to test your skills.

This Hook review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Rainbow Train.

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Solid minimalist puzzle to play at home or on the go