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[PlayStation 4] Ancestors Legacy Review

[PlayStation 4] Ancestors Legacy Review

Ancestors Legacy is a real-time strategy game revamped for PlayStation 4. Learn more about this RTS in our Ancestors Legacy review!


Ancestors Legacy is an RTS, think Command and Conquer, although not quite in the same vein. You’re going to take on some squad-based real-time strategy action, but the way you control things and what you will take on as far as managing resources and units. RTS games are usually a challenge to play on consoles, as most are usually designed with PC in mind. Destructive Creations, the team behind Ancestors Legacy, has managed to bring the genre to life on PlayStation 4 with a control scheme that just works.

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You will have a lot to learn about the game’s gameplay mechanics since this genre has a lot of things to keep you busy. You’ll have to take care of the base building, gathering resources, keeping your squad in top shape, and battling enemy units as needed. You can’t just build where ever you wish, so you’ll need to pay attention to the locations that are marked for you to build on. Each location will only give you a set number of builds which, in a way, is a good thing, since it allows you to focus on everything else the game has to offer so that you can pan your strategy accordingly.

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For you to be able to understand everything that will be going on during each of the stages you’ll get to play, I suggest that you take on the game’s tutorial so that you can understand how resource gathering works how you’ll need to protect what you’ve obtained, and how you always need to be on high alert to be ready to attack any opposing forces. I have to say the game surprised me on PlayStation 4 since the control and gameplay mechanics work great for a genre that does not have as much of a good history on consoles.

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Ancestors Legacy offers a full single-player campaign as well as skirmishes. There is also a multiplayer campaign for those of you who love playing alongside others, so there’s definitely something in here for everyone. The single player campaign will take you through a bit of a history lesson, diving into the Viking age, experiencing their raids of Lindisfarne Abbey. I love history, but my interests are from around the pre-Tudor times from the Black Death era to the reformation, and the end of Tudor times in 1603. Along with the Viking times, you’ll go through the story of the Anglo-Saxons, and then the Roman Empire. The PC version also has some DLC available with a new campaign – Saladin’s Conquest -, which is currently not planned for PS4, but the team has mentioned that if the game does well on Sony’s console, they’d be happy to bring the DLC to PS4.

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As for the game’s missions, you will engage in sieges, classic RTS battles, protecting your builds, and more, with a big emphasis on the game’s story as well as on its gameplay mechanics. A short game this is not, so expect to spend dozens of hours playing through all of the campaigns in Ancestors Legacy. And if the single-player campaigns are not enough for you, then you can take on the skirmishes, or play online with other players, as you try to showcase your skills to be the last one standing, capturing as many villages as possible and keeping them under your control.

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Ancestors Legacy is a game with a lot of content to play and many things to learn so that you can experience everything this adventure has to offer. The game has a nice flow, between the resource gathering, building, and forming your squad for battle. The game looks great on PlayStation 4, with some nice details for each of the different units of all of the historical armies you’ll command. You’ll be learning some stuff here and there from historical events as you play the game, which is a great way of gaining valuable information in a fun way.

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This Ancestors Legacy review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Destructive Creations.

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Fun historical RTS experience that feels great on the PS4