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[Beyond PlayStation] Switch ‘n’ Shoot Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Switch ‘n’ Shoot Review

Switch ‘n’ Shoot is a retro arcade-style shoot ‘em up with a Space Invaders vibe on Nintendo’s console. Learn more in our Switch ‘n’ Shoot review!


Switch ‘n’ Shoot is a very affordable game from Matt Glanville that is available for $4.59, giving us a game that pays homage to the old-school arcade games of the past. The game is a single button score chaser in which you can take on an endless type of experience as you aim at beating your high score. Each hit you land scores you some points, while collecting power-ups will give a boost to your firepower. The more power-ups you collect, the more powerful your attacks will be, allowing you to destroy all the enemies coming at you from the upper part of the screen. When you press the button to shoot, your ship will start to move in the opposite direction, which is the main gameplay mechanic for the game.

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The game scrolls automatically as you travel in your spaceship, destroying everything in your path as you try to space-jump towards the next section. You need to make sure you pick up all power-ups – which look like yellow coins – because if you miss one you will automatically lose one weapon level. This is bad because to make it to the next area you will need to fully power-up your spaceship to engage the space jump. Each subsequent area will be more challenging, as is to be expected for an arcade-style release.

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As for the game’s visuals, it’s all presented in black, white, red, and yellow as the standard setup for the game. There are several retro palettes to unlock as you play, to change the colors that are displayed for your ship, the enemies you will battle against, your attacks, and the power-ups. You’ll run into yellows, blues, pinks, purples, greens, grays, reds, and more. On top of this, the game also supports portrait mode thanks to the Nintendo Switch’s nature, so when you play in Tabletop or Portable mode you can put the console vertically as if it was the screen of an arcade unit.

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Switch ‘n’ Shoot is a fun arcade-style release that pays homage to games of the past. It’s available at a budget price and offers endless hours of fun as you try to aim to improve your overall score with each subsequent run, unlocking more and more color palettes to change the game’s look. As a game from a one-man indie team, it has a lot of good things going on for it.

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This Switch ‘N’ Shoot review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Matt Glanville.

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Fun retro-styled shoot ‘em up