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[Beyond PlayStation] The Drama Queen Murder Review

[Beyond PlayStation] The Drama Queen Murder Review
  • On August 27, 2019

The Drama Queen Murder from Ocean Media is a port of a PC point and click hidden object/puzzle game. Learn more in our The Drama Queen Murder review!



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The Drama Queen Murder is a point and click puzzle/hidden object game that was released for PC back in 2012. It’s now been ported to the Nintendo Switch, a console that makes it possible to literally point and click at things with your fingers when playing on the console’s touchscreen in Portable or Tabletop mode. As for the game’s setup, there’s been a murder at the prestigious Eastville Opera house – Dolores Molinero, the Queen of Drama, is no more. You play as a new crime investigator who has recently arrived in town and must investigate this crime to find the clues needed to unmask the murderer. Find the clues that you need – fingerprints, hair samples, and a mysterious mask -, solve some puzzles and some hidden object screens, and you will get closer and closer to the one responsible for this heinous act. You’ll be assisting Alex Hunt


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The game’s original 4:3 fullscreen presentation from back in 2012 is still present in this Nintendo Switch port, with all the action taking place in the center of your TV screen, or of the Nintendo Switch’s screen, with a red border around the main section of the screen to bring it up to the presentation you’d expected of a 2019 release. The hidden object scenes, as well as puzzle scenes, will be shown at a proper 16:9 aspect ratio, which is a bit weird, but at least you won’t be stuck playing all of the game in 4:3!
The Drama Queen Murder will get you started with a short tutorial to learn how to find objects in the hidden object investigation scenes. You will need to move a cursor around with the left analog stick and press the ZR button to pick up an item presented in the list at the bottom center of the screen. If you’re stuck, you can have the game give you a hint by pressing the B button. Since the version you get to play on the Nintendo Switch is based on the Collector’s Edition, you can also access the official strategy guide at any time by pressing the + button. All of these actions can also be performed by touching on objects, touching on the magnifying glass icon on the bottom right corner of the screen, or tapping on the white mask in the bottom center of the screen, respectively.

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The official strategy guide will not have a walkthrough for every game screen in the game, but it will have one for scenes in which you can find a key item, that need you to use a key item from your inventory, or that have a mini-game or a puzzle that you need to complete. Along with these valuable bits of information, the strategy guide for The Drama Queen Murder will also include character bios for you to learn more about the different people you’ll meet during your investigation.
As you find the required objects during the hidden objects investigation scenes, these will be crossed out from the list so that you can focus on the remaining items. Most of the time, the investigation scenes are packed with items of all shapes and sizes, so finding everything on the list is going to require you to go over each area with a fine comb. Again, if you’re ever stuck during an investigation scene, you can press the B button to get a hint on the next object you need to collect. After getting a hint, you’ll need to wait for the hint bar to fill up once again before asking for another hint.

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The key items you find during investigation scenes – which will be shown in a different color on the list of objects to find – will need to be used to solve puzzles. Without spoiling things, I’ll refer to the first puzzle in the game. During the hidden object investigation scene right before this puzzle, you will collect a large cog and a key. You will need to place the cog over a dial of sorts that displays the entire alphabet, to then spin the cog to match the symbols on the cog with the letters you get to find by looking at the clue on the metal plate below the dial to find the solution needed to be able to use the key along with the opening mechanism to continue with your investigation. Hint: the word is Scaramouche.

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The Drama Queen Murder is a by the numbers point and click hidden object game with some puzzles that won’t make you feel overwhelmed. Other than some of the items being hard to spot during the investigation scene due to how they’re presented, this is a fun port of a 2012 game in the very addictive hidden object genre available for $9.99 on Nintendo Switch.
This The Drama Queen Murder review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Ocean Media.

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Serviceable by the numbers hidden object/puzzle game