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[PlayStation 4] VASARA Collection Review

[PlayStation 4] VASARA Collection Review

VASARA Collection is two great retro arcade shoot ’em up games in one package now available on PlayStation 4. Learn more about this great release in our VASARA Collection review!


The VASARA Collection on PlayStation 4 includes the first game as well as its sequel, as well as a little extra game that crams all of the content together with a new presentation and four-player multiplayer. I had never heard of the game or its sequel, so I was definitely up for taking this collection for a spin. Both VASARA games are vertical shoot ’em ups take place in a world in which we get a mix of Feudal Japan and some technology – giant robots and stuff. It’s an interesting game, that’s for sure!

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When booting up a game, you get to choose the character you like, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. The characters are also based on actual people who lived during the Feudal Japan era. Despite this collection including two separate games, the main gameplay mechanics are pretty much the same for both of these releases. Move, shoot, destroy everything that moves. Your mission is one for peace, and to make it possible for that peace to exist, you’ll have to shoot everything in sight.

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The games were originally released back in Japanese arcades in 2000 and 2001. This means that both games are going to be a bit hard to play if you’re aiming to get a run without a single death. These are arcade games, and their main goal is to keep players playing and to have them putting in more and more coins to make a profit. The games don’t feel unfair like some arcade games from 15+ years ago, but they are indeed a relic of their time in their original forms in this collection.

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Since the games are almost two decades old, you won’t know how much damage you’re dealing to the enemies, and this will be even more evident when you’re trying to defeat the bosses in each of the games. You’ll see them flicker a bit here and there, but you won’t know how much damage you’re dealing or how far along you are in the fight until the boss goes down. This is not a deal-breaker, but it might rub some players the wrong way.


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Unlike most shoot ’em ups, you can’t just hold down the attack button and keep firing until you beat all stages and bosses. There are cooldowns to keep in mind, as well as being able to make a melee attack against enemies that are closer to you. You will also get to build up a special attack that will deal a ton of damage all over the place, something that you can either use when the screen is packed with bullets, and you need a way out, or against a boss so that you can take a big chunk of its health.

VASARA Collection is a great option for shoot ’em up fans. We didn’t get to play these two games back in the day, so getting that option today is a plus. Along with the two original arcade games perfectly emulated on PlayStation 4, VASARA Collection also includes a new game mode that gives it a 2019 look and feel with a widescreen presentation, and multiplayer so that you can play over and over again. All the content in the VASARA Collection is easy to play but hard to master and, along with the gameplay, the trophies will keep you coming back for more.

This VASARA Collection review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by QUByte Interactive.

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