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[Beyond PlayStation] Vambrace: Cold Soul Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Vambrace: Cold Soul Review

Hardcore 2D dungeon crawler Vambrace: Cold Soul is ready for you on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Vambrace: Cold Soul review!


Vambrace: Cold Soul from Devspresso Games and Headup Games is going to remind you of Darkest Dungeon, a hardcore 2D roguelike adventure. Vambrace offers a similar experience while also giving it its own twist. As someone who owns Darkest Dungeon, I have to say that Vambrace feels at times even more difficult! You will take on some dungeon crawling with a party of four members, and one of them will always be the heroine that wields the titular magical, vambrace. The dungeons are also randomized, so no two games will ever be the same. And there’s some permadeath to worry about as well!

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The setting of the game is ice cold, and your vigor meter is affected by it. The longer you stay out in the cold, the lower your team’s vigor will go, and when that meter hits zero, then you’re done for. You will need to find new party members to join your adventure, and the group from which you can select new members will be randomized every time you go back to the city, so you might not find the right combination for what you have in mind. No healer? Then you’re probably in big trouble for that run!


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“Is there a camping feature?” you might ask? There sure is! The twist is that if you want to rest to heal your wounds, you can only do so at a campsite, and since they’re randomized, you are not guaranteed you’ll find one when you need it the most. You also need to have a high number for one of your character’s stats to be able to heal properly at a campsite, and you’ll need to have some healing supplies as well on hand in case you need to mend some of the deadly wounds suffered by your party members.

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Vambrace: Cold Soul does have a ton of variety in the content you’ll get to play, and the character races and classes you’ll get to choose from. You also have some crafting to do to give you a chance to survive for longer during each run, as long as you have the right items and materials for the job. You might want to start by crafting something strong protect the main heroine since she’ll always be part of your group of adventurers. Remember that if she is defeated while exploring a dungeon, you’ll be sent back to town before you even get a chance to regroup.


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And once you find a boss to battle, then you’ll see what the game is really all about. You’re going to have a hard time defeating a boss the first time you reach it since you probably won’t have enough hit points to survive its onslaught, or a good enough combination of adventurers to have access to the skills needed to make a dent on its hit points. High health and vigor are big plusses for boss fights due to the way the RNG – random number generator – system on the backend does its thing. Survive a boss fight, and there will be plenty of looting to do, and once you make good use of the more powerful items and get rid of the junk, you’ll be on your way to repeating the cycle all over again as you advance through the game’s chapters.

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The Codex part of the game was fun to complete. As you explore each area, you visit you’ll find pages of the Codex you carry with you, and each new page you collect will teach you some extra bits about the world you’re now living in. Some pages will talk about the different races you find, others will present to you the harsh reality in which the survivors live in with the curse placed upon the land – the writers did an outstanding job with the Codex and the lore of this cold and deadly world.


Vambrace: Cold Soul is a hardcore 2D roguelike dungeon crawler on Nintendo Switch that you should check out. It has solid gameplay mechanics, great writing, a beautiful art style that makes everything pop, a combat system that will test your skills in full, and randomly generated dungeon after randomly generated dungeon to explore. Vambrace: Cold Soul is now out on Nintendo Switch for $19.99.

This Vambrace: Cold Soul review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Headup Games.

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