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[Beyond PlayStation] Tiny Derby Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Tiny Derby Review

Tiny Derby is an arcade-style 2D racer with a cute and cartoony art style. Are you up for some wholesome fun? Then check out our Tiny Derby review!


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In Tiny Derby, you play as a yellow square character who has the ability to throw a variety of hazards and boosts in front of other square characters, aiming to win the race. The hazards you place in front of other racers can either slow them down or knock them out for a couple of seconds, just enough for you to get ahead in the race. You need to be careful with where you place these items because if you’re not careful, you will end up suffering the effects of the hazards if your character hits them!

All you have to do is make sure your happy looking yellow square wins every race. As long as you help him get to the finish line in at least third place you’ll get progress to the next level, so you don’t need to win first place every time to keep participating in new races. The game has a star grading system in place, so if you finish a race in third place, you’ll get one star and be able to carry on. If you get to the finish line in second place, then you’ll get two stars. Win the race in first place, and you’ll get three stars for your effort!

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Tiny Derby really is a very easy pick-up and play kind of game, and there really isn’t much the game has to explain to you since the inputs for what you can do during a race are always presented to you on the screen. You’ll be able to drop hazards or add boosts to the race to deal with your opponents so that you can gain the upper hand and draw closer and closer to the finish line while being ahead of the pack.

The game has four episodes with 30 levels per episode, and the levels do become more difficult, but not overly so. Once you get the hang of things, you’ll be making the most of the hazards and boosts at your disposal for each race, finding the right spot to place them so that they don’t end up hurting your chances of winning. The one complaint I have is that when you’re playing, and there isn’t much room between your opponents and your character, it’s hard to accurately place a hazard or boost.

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Tiny Derby is a fun arcade-style 2D race that will take you a bit to 100% as you need to win in first place for all 120 races. This will require a lot of planning for the last set of the stages, but it’s doable after some trial and error so that you can find the best way to go ahead of the pack depending on which types of opponents you’re going up again in each race. The game is a great family game that the young ones are going to have a good time with, so be sure to check out this $4.99 release!

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This Tiny Derby review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Triple Boris.

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Fun and simple arcade-style release