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[PlayStation 4] Super Weekend Mode Review

[PlayStation 4] Super Weekend Mode Review
  • On September 10, 2019

Super Weekend Mode from Ratalaika Games is a colorful, fun, and fast-paced rhythm-style release on PS4 and PS Vita. Learn more in our Super Weekend Mode review!


Super Weekend Mode has a simple premise and streamlined gameplay mechanics. You play as a Princess, and someone has stolen your stuff, so you aim to get your things back. Simple and to the point, right? The focus for this arcade-style rhythm game is on the gameplay. To play the game, you only need to use the shoulder buttons for moving the paddles on the bottom of the screen, and the Triangle button is for firing – an easy peasy setup. You also have the option of auto-firing, and leaving this on will help you get the Platinum trophy a lot faster. You will need to move the paddles left and right to catch the hearts that move from the top of the screen to the bottom, defeat enemies, and avoid hazards. Miss something, and you’ll receive some damage, and if you make too many mistakes, it’s game over.

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You have a counter on the bottom right corner, and depending on the difficulty you have selected, that number will be higher or lower as it counts down to zero. This includes beating the level as well as the boss fight so that you can then carry on to the next stage to rinse and repeat on the same overall cycle. Based on the difficulty setting you picked and the character you’ve selected for your run, you will get a choice of different upgrades to collect after beating a boss, which will be of great help to beat the next set of stages.

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Collecting hearts will grant you points and will activate a chain combo of sorts. The dust bunnies you will need to hit with the sides of your paddles to flick them out of the way, and you need to be fast since if one of the bunnies hits one of your paddles, you will lose a life. Skulls need to be avoided like the plague as they will kill you if you touch them with either paddle. The game’s difficulty comes from sometimes feeling like you’re required to rub your tummy and pat your head at the same time, but once you’ve played the game for a few minutes, you will get into the zone.

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Super Weekend Mode is a fun cross-buy arcade-style experience on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita with a pair of Platinum trophies waiting for you. It has simple gameplay mechanics, different characters to play as that change how challenging of an experience you’re going to have, and lots of dying when you make a mistake or two. The graphics are colorful with a retro look and feel, reminding me at times of the ZX Spectrum days – my very first gaming system as a child – so I did have a nice trip down memory lane as I played Super Weekend Mode. The price is very much in line with the other Ratalaika Games, and it’s definitely well worth a play.

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This Super Weekend Mode review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

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Fun retro-styled rhythm game