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[Beyond PlayStation] Apocryph Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Apocryph Review
  • On September 13, 2019

Apocryph is a retro looking first-person shooter that pays homage to the classics on Nintendo Switch. Come check out our Apocryph review!


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As you can see from the trailer, you play this one from a first-person perspective, hence this being a first-person shooter (FPS). All you see are a pair of arms covered in black old-school gloves. You can see the character’s face at the bottom of the screen – in a nod to old-school games such as Wolfenstein and Doom -, and he’s not a very jolly fella. The game does want to go for a 1990s vibe, so if you’re a fan of the genre’s earlier entries, you’re going to dig what Apocryph has to offer.

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There is no tutorial in this one, so right from the moment the game loads the starting area, you’ll left to figure things out on your own. You will spend the first few minutes with Apocryph to see what each button is going to do so that you can exit the first area and let the carnage commence. Since it’s an FPS, you can quickly get the hang of things. The left analog stick is for walking around, with the right one used to swing the camera around. You’ll use the ZR button for combat, and the Y button allows you to use your actions.


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As expected for an FPS, you will explore each level as you try to collect the items you’ll need to be able to progress in the game. Some of them are in plain view, while others are hidden inside barrels, crates, pretty much in anything that can be destroyed. You can see in your HUD at the bottom of the screen what you have collected, and you’ll be able to spot the right away since collectibles are shiny and come in a variety of colors. You also have pickups that will add ammo to your attacks so that you can make the most of your more powerful abilities.

The enemies are fitting for the metal fantasy setting of Apocryph. You’ll run into skeleton warriors, large and deadly Cyclops, minotaurs, and other mythical creatures you might expect from a game like this one. Enemies do feel a bit too powerful in the game, requiring a lot of hits to land from your regular attacks before they are defeated, and they are going to take a big chunk of your health with every hit they land. Even on the easiest setting, you’re going to have to pay a lot of attention to enemies so that they don’t destroy you in a blink. There are five difficulty settings, so be sure to check what type of experience you want to have!

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There are also boss battles, and they’re going to present an even bigger challenge, so making good use of the new weapons you can add to your collection will be a must. The more powerful a weapon, the less overall ammo it will have – as to not make them too powerful -, so be sure to pay attention to their counters! While you find a glowing staff at the start of the game that proves to be useful during the first set of areas you visit, the additional weapons will need to be used if you want to survive in later stage.

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Apocryph on Nintendo Switch is a game that you’re either going to love or hate. It’s a fun FPS with a mythical theme and a good challenge to offer as you play it at home or on the go. It looks and feels like an old-school style game in the genre, paying homage to the classics on Nintendo’s hybrid console. Are you ready to dive in?

This Apocryph review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Bigzur Games.

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