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[PlayStation 4 Review] Heroes Trials Review

[PlayStation 4 Review] Heroes Trials Review
  • On September 13, 2019

Heroes Trials is a fun and colorful action RPG without the usual grinding in the genre. Learn more in our Heroes Trials review!


Heroes Trials is a lite action RPG form Ratalaika Games that is a cross-buy release, so if you buy it on PlayStation 4, you will also get the PlayStation Vita version for free, as well as the other way around. On top of that, it features stackable Platinum trophies, so you can end up getting a Platinum RPG on each of the consoles in around an hour per console. The game opens with a short cutscene which explains that after the previous defender of the island was banished, it is in need of new heroes to defend it from the invading monsters. This is now the job of twins Elia and Zoel who, in order to become the new defenders, must complete a series of trials.

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The game has players switching between Elia and Zoel by pressing the Triangle button at any time. You will be switching between the two characters a lot to be able to solve the puzzle sections in the game. The game will be presented to you from a top-down perspective, which reminded me a bit of the old-school The Legend of Zelda series from back on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and the Super NES eras – Heroes Trials has some similarities with Nintendo’s franchise, but it does things differently.

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Instead of having an open world with lots to do and different areas to visit, the game presents to you an overall map you can explore as you find new items to open new paths for your characters to explore. Another difference is that the game’s content is presented to you as different missions that are on a timer. You don’t need to worry about the timer since the time limit is far too generous, and you’ll be able to reach your destination and defeat any boss you fight, with minutes to spare. You’ll be able to save at different moments in the game, so even if you are defeated, you won’t end up having to redo a lot of things.

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The game has dungeons with some The Legend of Zelda style puzzles, but they’re also a bit on the simpler side of things. Dungeons are often linear – with a few exceptions – so you won’t end up getting lost as you explore each location. You won’t have to do any grinding as you might have done in other entries in the action RPG genre. You won’t level up as you defeat enemies, but you will gain access to new skills and new magic abilities, and these will help you to defeat the bigger and more powerful enemies you will start to run into.

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Elia, the female sibling, is a mage that can cast a variety of elemental spells – gaining more as you complete the different missions you’ll face in Heroes Trials. Zoel is a swordman that is more of a tank character who has a shield to defend himself against enemy projectiles, using his sword to deal considerable damage, and he’ll obtain a powerful bomb after defeating a particular boss. By using the abilities of each of the twins, you’ll be able to succeed in your adventure, completing the trials that will allow you to become the heroes the island needs.

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As you defeat enemies or cut down the grass you find in the overworld, as well as from the treasure chests you will open during your adventure, you will be able to obtain gold coins that you can use to purchase some items that will aid you on your quest. You can, for example, purchase a pair of boots that will allow you to run around at a faster pace, so that you can move around each area at a steady pace, cutting down on the overall time it takes you to get from point A to point B – getting a new trophy for your collection along the way.

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Heroes Trials is a fun, bite-sized lite action RPG with a colorful art style, and easy to understand gameplay mechanics. It’s a linear experience split into several missions in which you’ll gain new abilities and skills as you complete objectives. The one complaint I have about the game is that the mini-map did not seem to work as it should, but it’s not a deal-breaker. It’s an affordable game at less than $5, with cross-buy and separate trophy lists.

This Heroes Trials review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

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