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[PlayStation 4] Mekabolt Review

[PlayStation 4] Mekabolt Review
  • On September 18, 2019

Mekabolt is a cross-buy 2D puzzle platformer from Ratalaika Games that is a fun, bite-sized experience. Come check out our Mekabolt review!


Mekabolt is a fun budget-priced cross-buy PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in which you’re going to have some trial and error as you find the best solution for each level. You’re going to die a lot in this one since a single hit is all it’s going to get to defeat your character. You play as a theme park technician who needs to find all the batteries that power up the controls for the robots, who have stopped functioning properly. With your trusty Mekabolt, you have the ability to control the movements of the robots, stunning them using the tool, using them as platforms to reach the batteries in each stage.

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You need to be careful because some of the robots won’t remain stunned forever, and if you accidentally shoot them again, they will instantly come back to life. You’ll need to review a level’s layout to find out where the best spot for a stunned robot is going to be so that you can use it as a stepping stone that will bring you closer to the spot in a level where the battery is located. And what happens when you collect the battery? Well, then you carry on with your quest and move on to the next level to find another battery!

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As expected, the difficulty will ramp up as you progress further in the game, with slightly longer levels, new enemies, more enemies per level, and more hazards to avoid. Once you find the right route and rhythm for each level, you can quickly finish them in a minute or two at most. Some of the robots will turn into a bounce pad for you to jump higher others will be floating around and will fall down after being shot with the mekabolt just long enough for you to jump on top of it. If you use the mekabolt on an enemy that shoots at you, you’ll make it shoot in a different direction.

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It’s worth noting that you only get one life, so you always need to think about the environment and where you want to go, and make your attacks with the mekabolt really count otherwise you are forced to restart the level again. The good news is that if you make a mistake, you’ll be able to learn from it so that you can avoid making the same mistake twice in a row… at least if you’re paying attention!

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Mekabolt is a fun 2D puzzle platformer with a vibrant and colorful art style. The music I wasn’t very keen on, but it’s not a deal-breaker. I definitely recommend this quirky platformer on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, as it’s a fun and simple game with a minimalist control layout that is easy to get the hang of. Trophy hunters will get two separate trophy lists to aim for adding a couple of Platinum trophies to their collection for a low price.

This Mekabolt review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

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A fun 2D bite-sized puzzle platformer