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[Beyond PlayStation] AER: Memories of Old Review

[Beyond PlayStation] AER: Memories of Old Review
  • On September 24, 2019

AER: Memories of Old from Forgotten Key and Daedalic Entertainment is a charming 3D adventure on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our AER: Memories of Old review!


In AER: Memories of Old, you take control of Auk who is about to start a pilgrimage. Once upon a time, there were no islands in the sky, and the lands were one. This was where the Ancients lived. They built three temples in the Land of the Gods, and it is there that Auk will need to visit. But… did the Ancients cause the Great Divide? The first step in your journey will be to visit Karah’s Shrine. The game uses a colorful polygonal minimalist look that is quite charming on Nintendo Switch, and it’s something I grew fond of during my time with AER.

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You’ll move Auk with the left analog stick, swinging the camera around with the right one. For this one, you’ll be jumping with the A button, which is not usual for a Nintendo Switch game since nowadays we’re used to jumping with the B button. The A button will also be used for interacting with objects. After a ceremony in front of the statue of Khara, you will be granted the power of a special lantern, which you’ll light up with the Y button. This is Khara’s light, and it seems it had not shinned for many generations until you came along. The lantern allows you to light up floating hits of energy that, under the lantern’s light, will show you what other individuals have done before you in each of the areas you visit, sometimes even allowing you to learn what they might have said in the past.

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Once you exit the starting area, you’ll be able to jump in the air and press the A button a second time to transform into a bird, flying all over the place as you flap your wings with the Y button. In order to see where you are and where you should be going to, you’ll be given the option of using a map by pressing the X button. The map will point out your location with a flashing arrow, and new areas will fill up on the map as you explore and discover new locations. You can pretty much fly everywhere, but I do suggest you first talk to the small group of people near the exit to the cave so that you can learn some potential areas you could scout.

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Since flying is very different than walking around, you’ll be able to freely move the camera around you with the right analog stick at a fast pace, resetting the camera by pressing the L or R button so that you can then focus on reaching your next objective. There is no combat and no deaths in this one, so you can fly as high as you want and dive from as far up high as you want, since, in the end, your character will dive down towards the ground only to gently float down at the last second.

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The gameplay loop for the game has you exploring the world of AER, finding new locations to add them to your map, using the lantern to see what others have done before you, learning more about what has happened by checking out the stories left behind on the large stone tablets, as well as from the scrolls left behind by other explorers. By using these clues, you’ll be able to find the keys that, well, are key for opening each of the temples in the game. These will be found in smaller caves where you’ll have to solve a puzzle or two, and once you get the key, you’ll be given a hint as to where you’ll need to go to find the temple.

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Temples will, in comparison, be much bigger than any of the other areas you get to explore by foot. They will feature more puzzles that won’t ever feel overwhelming, asking you to take on some fun platforming sections to reach a switch or two that will open the way for you to continue exploring deeper and deeper into the temple. There are three temples in total for you to explore before you can see everything that the game has to offer, as you try to bring together the pieces of the overall picture. You can take on the temples in any order, which is always great news for would-be explorers.

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AER: Memories of Old review is a fun and charming 3D puzzle/platformer/exploration game that shows all the love and care from Forgotten Key, an indie studio that, unfortunately, is no more. Daedalic Entertainment saw the potential of this wonderful game, and now we have it available on Nintendo Switch for only $19.99. You’re looking at around 3-4 hours or so to complete this compact adventure, but it’s an experience that is worth diving into.

This AER: Memories of Old review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Daedalic Entertainment.

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Relaxing and charming puzzle/platforming/exploration game