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[Beyond PlayStation] Boreal Blade Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Boreal Blade Review

Boreal Blade is an online multiplayer game from the developers behind the Trine series. Learn more about it in our Boreal Blade review!


Frozenbyte Games, of the Trine series, Shadwen, Nine Parchments, and Has-Been Heroes, has recently released a new game on Nintendo Switch: Boreal Blade. This one is a multiplayer-focused battle game that takes place in small arena-style areas. If I had to compare the game to another video game release to give you an idea of what the art style felt like to me, I’d have to mention Absolver. Boreal Blade is certainly a very different type of project when compared to other games released by Frozenbyte!


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Boreal Blade offers different gameplay modes that are presented as team-based and free-for-all deathmatch. Boreal Blade requires you to be good at planning your every move since a properly timed hit with your mighty weapon is all it will take to defeat your opponent… or for you to fall. If you miss with your attack, you will leave yourself wide open for a counterattack. This being an online multiplayer game means that you will need to have an active Nintendo Switch only subscription to be able to take the fight online.


This is a game that is easy to learn and hard to master. Positioning is very important, and you have to wait for the right window of opportunity to strike with your weapon using the ZR button so that you can make that swing count. Boreal Blade is not the sort of game in which you can go around aimlessly hacking and slashing away at your opponents since they will take that opportunity to strike you down with ease. You

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All gameplay modes are playable right from the start, with none of them locked. Your character will start at level 1 and will gain access to customization options as you level up from the experience you gain from the battles you take part in. The rewards you win will allow you to spruce up your avatar, as well as receive better gear to boost your defense, and better weapons to increase your odds of winning in battle.


Your weapon is mapped to the ZR button, but you can also use the ZL button to feint an attack, trying to win the psychological battle against your enemies so that they play right into your trap. When you strike with your weapon, you need to be aware of where the swing is going to come from and where your arm will end after that swing, because if you need to attack right after that, your attack will need to come from the opposite direction. And once you have unlocked different armor options, you will need to take into consideration how they affect their movement and attack speed.

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Another thing worth noting is that the game has many weapons, and each one of them will present its own strengths and weaknesses for you to consider. Two-handed weapons are heavier and will, therefore, not be as fast as a sword, but they will definitely pack a punch. You can also throw your weapon at an opponent to try and land a hit that will deal massive damage, but you better be ready to run up at full speed to be able to grab it before another one of your opponents strikes you down for being careless. The good news is that even without a weapon, you can still attack enemies with your bare fists, which is risky but helpful.

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Boreal Blade is a release I was certainly not expecting from Frozenbyte Games, but it’s definitely a fun one to take on at home or on the go. The studio even stealth launched the game on Nintendo Switch without even a heads-up, allowing this $19.99 release to give Nintendo Switch owners a chance to play something very different from other experiences available on the console. If you’re still on the fence after reading this review, you can give the game’s demo a try. The good news is that Frozenbyte has made it possible for players that have downloaded the demo to jump into matches with those that have bought the full game release so that you can always find a match to join.

This Boreal Blade review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Frozenbyte.

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Fun arena-style multiplayer-focused game with an interesting twist