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[Beyond PlayStation] MISTOVER Review

[Beyond PlayStation] MISTOVER Review
  • On October 18, 2019

Roguelike dungeon crawler MISTOVER from KRAFTON Game Union is ready to challenge you on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about it in our MISTOVER review!


MISTOVER is a turn-based roguelike dungeon crawler. What this means is that you’re going to take on this new adventure one step at a time, being careful to not die while exploring a dungeon, or else you’re going to be sent back to square one. It also means that you’re going to be exploring an ever-changing randomly generated dungeon, so no two runs will be the same. This also means you won’t be able to memorize a dungeon’s layout, or where enemies are going to be located.

Before you start with your new journey, there are three difficulty settings from which to choose from. In Easy, the clock will tick by slowly, and the monsters are weaker, with lower chances of formations being disturbed by surprise attacks. Normal is the standard experience that favors those that have experience with roguelike dungeon crawlers. If you’re up for a challenge, you can take on the Hard difficulty setting, in which monsters are stronger, the clock ticks faster, and formations will most likely be disturbed by surprise attacks.

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This adventure takes place in the small kingdom of Arta. Things are not looking good, since the Pillar of Despair, a massive vortex, is threatening to end the world. A thick and weird mist started to emanate from the vortex, and from it, espers emerged into the world. The mist would destroy everything on its past, sending humanity to the brink of extinction. And then… the mist stopped spreading. The espers went back into the mist, and nothing but their destruction was left behind.

With the looming threat of these events unfolding all over again on the land, some people decided to start venturing inside the mist to try and unveil its mystery and find a way to keep the espers’ attack from happening again. To go along with these efforts, a new group called the Expedition Corps was formed to properly explore the mist and what exists beyond it. As it turns out, the mist leads to worlds in other dimensions, making the exploration expeditions a very dangerous endeavor.

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You take control of the Expedition Corps, an ever-expanding group. As soon as the introduction sequence is over, the game will throw you right into your first battle. You’ll learn about how you can move around the members of your group on the grid-based battle area by pressing the X button, an important ability since placement is important in MISTOVER, as it will determine the range of your attacks and how effectively you can target opponents… and your enemies can also take advantage of their positioning if you’re not paying attention!

Along with moving around the battle area, you can also open up your bag with the Y button to check on your items, weapons, armors, accessories, and more. Skills are mapped to the A button and will include an overview with their name, attack pattern, mana cost (if any), duration, and hit and critical hit percentage. You’ll need to make the most of your skills, checking the areas they target, and how you can maximize their damage potential. You can also block during battle if you think it will help to lower the overall beating you’re about to take.

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As the story gets going, you’ll realize you’re suffering from a tiny bit of amnesia, as is usually the case for many a vid game protagonist, so you’ll have no idea of where you are or how you got there. Even though you were victorious in your first battle, more and more monsters show up, ready to end your existence. Luckily, a group of soldiers arrives before it’s too late, saving you and your group. They refer to you as one of the Missing Ones and end up taking you back to Arta, where the Expedition Corps is headquartered.

You will get to meet Duke Heinrich, who is leading the efforts of the Expedition Corps. You will also get to meet Stella, his helpful assistant. Duke Heinrich, the heir of the Wallenstein family, is a young man who guards the Book of Prophecies, a book that he’s working on deciphering since it is believed to hold the key for being able to save the world from its potential destruction. The Duke offers you a deal you really can’t refuse: if you join the Expedition Corps, he and the corps will help you get your memory back.

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So off you’ll go into your first official quest, exploring the Misty Forest – for at least 80% – and returning to report to Duke Heinrich. Before you can do this, you’ll need to visit Mark, the Commander of the Expedition Corps. You’ll have to come up with a name for your new team – with up to 14 characters, and then recruit some members for your team. Recruiting members is going to cost you, so be sure to pay attention to the stats, class, and cost of each potential member so that you keep this within your budget while also working on having a diverse group.

Each member will have different stats for hit, critical, evade, guard, and speed, as well as a series of values for its specialties and resistance. They will also have many available skills right from the start, as well as several additional skills you can later unlock – these are marked with the symbol of a grey lock next to them. You might find a Paladin that has skills of a holy nature, a Shadow Blade who favors keeping a safe distance as it uses its abilities to keep enemies at bay, a Sister who focuses on a mix healing and support abilities, or a Witch, who will pack a punch with her devastating spells – to name a few examples.

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Once you’re ready to explore a location, you should pay attention to its description, size, as well as to the level for the monsters you’ll potentially run into while exploring. If you try to bite more than you can chew, the game will kindly make you feel why that is a big mistake. You’ll also get a heads-up about the items you’ll be able to find inside of the dungeon, giving you an idea of if the risk is actually worth the reward. You might find pieces of armor, weapons, or accessories for specific classes, or perhaps an epic weapon that will show up on the list in a “look at me!” purple.

Set your formation by setting each party member on a spot on the battle grid, and see how their position ends up affecting the skills they’ll have access to, as well as the bonus they might get to their stats so that you can choose wisely! Something to consider is that more powerful party members will consume more Fullness and Luminosity as you explore. Every step you take will consume both of these, and you’ll need to use items to boost both back up to a more comfortable level.

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If your Fullness is not kept at a good level, your party members might starve, which will make them lose their hit points if they don’t eat enough food. Luminosity affects the party’s field of vision, which is very important when exploring a dungeon since a bigger field of vision will make it possible for you to, say, spot monsters before they’re on top of you and ready to pounce. A big field of vision will also allow you to spot traps before it is too tale. You might find some Light Flowers as you explore a dungeon. Be sure to make good use of them so that you can recover a little bit of your Luminosity as long as they’re glowing! To make them glow, you’ll need to sacrifice a bit of your HP.

MISTOVER is a challenging but fun turn-based roguelike dungeon crawler now out on Nintendo Switch. The game is available for $29.99, and it offers a ton of content for you to experience. It offers an addictive gameplay loop as you explore dungeon after dungeon, as you try to keep your group alive – or at least alive long enough – to obtain all the riches available in each area, boosting your odds of survival as your crew grows in body and spirit. Can you save the world before it is too late?

This MISTOVER review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by KRAFTON Game Union.

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Challenging and fun roguelike dungeon crawler with a great art style