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[Beyond PlayStation] Cubixx Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Cubixx Review

Cubixx is back, and this time around, it’s ready to go on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about this fast-paced and fun arcade-style game in our Cubixx review!


I loved playing Flame Over first on PlayStation Vita and later on the PlayStation 4 since it was a fast-paced, fun game that looked even better on the big screen. This time around, Laughing Jackal and Ghostlight Games are back with a port of Cubixx HD, an upgrade on the original Cubixx, and have now once again gone with the name Cubixx for its Nintendo Switch debut. This is a very fun game with a ton of replay value and several modes that you will unlock as you progress in the main available mode. Are you up for taking on the challenges that Cubixx’s 50 levels have to offer?

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The main mode is Arcade in which you will take on 50 levels across ten different stages. You can go at it on your own or invite some friends for some fun local co-op. More modes will unlock once you’ve taken a chance to complete some of the stages in Arcade mode, which is not a deal-breaker since you can probably end up unlocking all modes after spending 20-30 minutes in Arcade mode. Since all levels offer fast-paced gameplay that will always keep you on high alert, you will always be moving in this arcade-style release.


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The goal of Cubixx is very easy to understand: you will travel along the outlines of a 3D cube as you move around all six faces which are packed with different types of enemies which you need to avoid as you try to use your ship to cut around areas of each side of the cube to complete the percentage set for the stage. Some enemies can’t be defeated, while others can be destroyed by cutting a part of the cube’s face around them. Plan things right, and you’ll be able to add a ton of points to your count.

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The larger the piece of the face that you end up cutting in one go, and the bigger your multiplier, the more of a points boost you will get. There are different actions you can perform to activate the score multiplier, and the more faces you cut through with a line that doesn’t stop, the better your odds of getting a high a score as possible for each of the dozens of stages on offer. It’s a simple but certainly very addictive concept that will keep you playing for hours before you even realize how long you’ve been going at it. You will need to make quick decisions on the go at all times, and if you’re not fast enough, your ship will be destroyed.

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Power-ups are also available to help you on your journey. There is one that will prove to be very helpful since it will give you an extra life, along with one that will make you faster for a short period of time, another that will make you invincible for a bit, one that will provide a chunk of extra points to your score, and one that will slowdown your enemies. You need to pay attention to the color of each power-up since there are some that are detrimental to your efforts, and that could, for example, make enemies move considerably faster, which can be deadly if you’re not careful.

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Cubixx is a great game that is very enjoyable on Nintendo Switch. It’s available at an excellent price of only $7.49, and that price gets you a lot of content to play, very addictive gameplay mechanics, different modes to take on, challenges to complete, and you can take on them on your own or in local multiplayer for up to four players. It’s a game with a minimalist look that will keep you focused on the action at all times, and a must-play on Nintendo’s console.

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This Cubixx review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Ghostlight Games.

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Fast-paced and addictive arcade-style game