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[Beyond PlayStation] Anthill Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Anthill Review
  • On November 1, 2019

Anthill from Image & Form and Thunderful is a tower defense/strategy game ready to go on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about this gem in our Anthill review!


Anthill was originally released by Image & Form on iOS way back in 2011. It’s a mix of different genres, with a bit of a strategy game mixed with tower defense mixed with a slight air of, say, Pikmin thrown in for good measure. It was a touch-based game when it released on iOS, and that’s exactly how it’s made the jump to the Nintendo Switch. Because of this, that means this one of those rare games that can only be played with the console in Portable or Tabletop mode (for the original Nintendo Switch), which does sorta make it perfect for those of you with a Nintendo Switch Lite. The version we get includes the base game as well as all the DLC that was released for it on iOS, along with a new soundtrack.

Anthill Review - First

As the name suggests, for this one, you will be taking control of an anthill and its inhabitants. You will do this by drawing different paths for each type of ant so that they move forward over said path, patrolling the area and protecting the colony at all costs. You will protect the colony from wave after wave of opponents, squashing any bug that dares get in your path. You’ll be given a chance to go over a short tutorial that will teach you all the basics so that you can be ready to dive into some actual trail defense action.


Anthill Review - 1

For this touchscreen-only release, you’ll be able to tap anywhere on the screen to grab hold, moving your view around by then dragging your finger around the screen. If you want to zoom in and zoom out, you can pinch the screen with your fingers to move your overall view. Ants move over pheromone trails, which you’ll get to draw out. Starting from the top of the anthill, drag a line towards your objective, selecting the Worker ants that will be taking on said task –this is the unit that you use the most. Spitter ants can attack opponents from a distance, while Soldier ants go in for the kill in melee combat. There are also the Bombers that can drop blobs of explosive goo from above, as you tap around the screen.


Anthill Review - 2

The enemies you defeat with your ants will be put to good use once Worker ants carry its corpse back to the colony. Any dead bugs – as well as other food sources – will allow the ant queen to spawn more minions, which you can then use to collect more corpses and food. Food is the main resource you will be using in Anthill, and the more of it you have, the more units you will be able to spawn from the colony. You should always keep an eye on your food total since it will be crucial for planning your strategy. Securing some bug corpses with your workers so that you can summon a couple of Soldiers to defend the anthill from a large bug on its way from the north might be faster than tapping a pheromone line to be able to cancel it.


Anthill Review - 3

Playing the game will allow you to earn stars based on your performance. Stars can then be traded in at the Upgrades section, allowing you to award your units with permanent upgrades. You can’t undo upgrades, so be sure to choose wisely! You can upgrade your Worker, Soldier, Spitter, and Bomber units. Without spoiling things too much, let’s talk, for example, about the Worker ant. There are four parameters you can upgrade for it: Speed, Backbone, Courage, and Cannibalism. If you upgrade its Speed, your worker will be able to move 30% faster, which means it will reach corpses or food sources at a faster pace, bringing it back to the anthill in less time than before. If you upgrade your Workers Backbone, then they will be twice as strong, reducing the number of units needed for carrying heavier objects.

Anthill Review - 4

Anthill is a fun and very addictive tower defense/strategy/resource management type of game that is a lot of fun to play on the Nintendo Switch. It’s available for a very respectable $9.99, providing several hours of content to enjoy on the go. Once you’re done with the game’s campaign, you can go right back in and take a swing at the Infinite mode in which the challenge is dialed up a bit and you can try to see how long you can defend the colony against the onslaught of enemies. Don’t let this one being a Portable-only gaming experience keep you from enjoying it since it’s a gem from Image & Form that you should definitely check out.

This Anthill review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Thunderful.

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Fun and very addictive trail defense game