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[Beyond PlayStation] Button Button Up! Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Button Button Up! Review
  • On November 21, 2019

Button Button Up! from Circle Entertainment is a colorful and fun release that is sorta three games in one. Find out why in our Button Button Up! review!


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In Button Button Up! you will use buttons as your characters. Yes, buttons. As in, what you have on your shirt so that it stays closed. The game can be played on your own as you explore four chapters that will introduce new elements and challenges at a steady pace. You can also play in a co-op campaign that includes levels that have been designed especially with two players in mind – but if you’re up for the challenge, you can try and take on them on your own by controlling both characters. On top of this, there’s a Vs. mode, which features local multiplayer for up to four players in all-out battles. See? Sorta three games in one!

You can move your character around with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, jumping with the B button. If, after this, you press the B button a second time while up in the air, then you’ll be able to turn your character into a big button, which is needed to solve some puzzles or to activate switches. The Y button is used for kicking or for activating stuff… and that’s it! Simple and to the point, so that you can focus on the gameplay and not on remembering what button is for performing what action.

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The game will send you into a short tutorial section when you first start playing so that you can quickly learn the basics. You’ll put the game’s controls to the test, and will also learn about the in-game shop where you can purchase accessories to customize your character by using the materials you find as you explore each stage in the game. The things you buy will be sent to the wardrobe in your house, and you can visit there to change to something that is a bit more comfortable.

Each item you can buy will require a different number of materials as well as different types of materials, so you might not be able to get that “on a boat” accessory you want if you don’t have a rainbow-colored button as one of the materials you’ve picked while running through a stage. If you want some rainbow buttons for your collection, then you’re going to have to search high and low since most of them are inside of hidden areas. As long as you pay attention to how some spots are very suspicious, you’re going to find at last half of them, since the rest are in seemingly out of reach places that you can get to by – you guessed it – finding hidden paths. There are also treasure chests with lots of materials, and they might sometimes also give you a rainbow button.

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The levels you’ll explore will be a bit on the linear side of things, and you’ll need to get from point A to point B while avoiding the always classic bottomless pits, along with the pools of colorful chemical residue, not to mention the deadly lasers that can turn you to dust in a second. There are also platforms that will crumble under your feet in an instant, which, when combined with the bottomless pits, can prove to be a bit tricky for less experienced players.


During the first stage, you will get to learn that color is very important in Button Button Up! Take, for example, a series of sections in the first stage you will play in the single-player campaign. The first section has other fellow buttons jumping up and turning into a proper large button with thread going through them and everything, blocking a laser that is shooting down from above. At first, I didn’t notice that the buttons were purple, and they were blocking purple lasers for my yellow button. Later on, in that stage I ran into a spot with a purple laser that was followed up right away by a purple laser, which destroyed the purple button. But when I jumped and turned into a larger button, I managed to cover the laser because it was yellow, and my button was yellow.

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If you decide to quit from a level – for whatever reason -, then the game will save up to the section you were last playing, which is a generous way of handling checkpoints. It’s usually the case that when you’re playing a game that offers some checkpoints during its stages, quitting out to the main menu will save your progress up to before you started that stage – this is, even more, the case for, say, a 3D collect-a-ton, since keeping a record of partial collections would be a headache for devs. I was able to quit out of the first level – because reasons – and carry on at night exactly where I had left off, carrying on until the end in a few minutes.

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Button Button Up! is a colorful and fun 2D platformer that offers a linear but overall relaxing experience. Avoiding the different colored hazards you’ll run into during your adventure will sometimes be a bit challenging, but it’s an overall balanced platformer that will not overwhelm you. Add the specially tailored co-op stages and the Vs. battle mode and you have a budget $11.99 game that you should check out on Nintendo Switch.

This Button Button Up! review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Circle Entertainment.

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Streamlined and linear but relaxing 2D platformer