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[PlayStation 4] Path to Mnemosyne Review

[PlayStation 4] Path to Mnemosyne Review

Path to Mnemosyne is an interesting puzzler with a black and white look that helps its stand out on PS4. Learn more in our Path to Mnemosyne review!


Path to Mnemosyne is a short puzzle game that will test your skills in the genre, thanks to how it presents the different puzzle types you’re going to try and solve. You play as a patient, a girl without a name, and you need to help her uncover the path that will lead down to her memories. Solve the puzzles that you will find during your short journey, and she will gain access to these lost memories. As a heads-up, some of the memories will be a bit disturbing, so do keep that in mind when you play. The story is told by way of images, and different players will have a different interpretation of the images.

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The game features a minimalist black and white art style that is an absolute work of art. As you can see from the trailers and the screens in this review, it helps to make everything pop as you have the protagonist walking down what at first seems to be an endless set of corridors. Each new area will change things up slightly here and there, introducing new visual elements as well as new puzzles to solve, bringing you closer to understanding what is going on inside of this young girl’s mind.


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To go with the minimalist art style, you also have fairly simple gameplay mechanics. You can move upwards, backwards, and left and right with the left analog stick, but most of the time, those left and right movements won’t be what you’re doing. Moving forward on and on is what you’ll do the most, and you’ll need to backtrack a bit every now and then to solve a puzzle or two due to where switches are located. As you move down the different corridors, you’ll be greeted with some peculiar images and creatures. Some stuff will be harder to interpret to others. It certainly makes for an interesting game experience.


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Some new mechanics are introduced here and there that change how you approach puzzles, such as being able to step on a portal and teleport somewhere else in the area. With the puzzles getting harder and more confusing, the new elements do bump up the overall challenge for this short adventure. It’s not the type of experience you can use to wind down your day with since you’re going to have to think a bit outside the box to solve some of the later puzzles.

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Path to Mnemosyne is an interesting puzzler that is unlike anything else on PlayStation 4. It’s a short one that you can probably complete in 2-3 hours at most, and it’s available at a budget $9.99. That might seem like a short game for that asking price, but the good news is that it’s a good puzzle game that will certainly make you think, grabbing your attention thanks to its fun gameplay mechanics and its very unique art style.

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This Path to Mnemosyne review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Devilish Games.

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Interesting puzzler that is unlike anything else on PS4