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[Beyond PlayStation] Son of a Witch Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Son of a Witch Review

Son of a Witch from Bigosaur is an action roguelike with colorful graphics and easy to pick up and play controls. Learn more in our Son of a Witch review!


Son of a Witch is a game with multiple modes and a choice of how you can play the game. There is a full roguelike mode with all the pros and cons that such a mode has to offer, such as the always popular permadeath and restarting from scratch. There’s also an option for going full-on into RPG adventure territory, and beating both modes will unlock Endless mode, an option that is pretty easy to understand. Oh, and there is also a Challenge mode where you need to complete a collection of mini-games. Add a Player vs. Player mode, and you have plenty of options for taking on Son of a Witch.

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Son of A Witch is a bright and vibrant game with a leveling up system so that you can improve your character as you go. The story follows a witch who has been kidnapped by evil forces, and you play as her son who goes out to try and rescue her from this situation – hence the name of the game! Before you dive right into things, you will first go through a tutorial so that you can learn what needs to be done to survive.

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My favorite feature for the game is the pets you can take with you. You can have a bunch as long as you have the alpha pet, which acts as the leader. You can get them all for free, as there is a trick that allows you to get them all and keep your money, but I won’t spoil that for you here – you’ll have to stumble upon it as I did! The one thing I will mention is that you should be very cautious if you think about trying this trick in subsequent playthroughs. Along with the pets, you can also obtain better weapons and items to add to your inventory slots – one for the regular mode, and 30 inventory slots for the RPG mode.

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As you progress through Son of a Witch, you can also unlock other character classes, so you have a reason to replay modes again with the new characters you obtain. I stuck with the Knight for a big chunk of my time with the game since I really liked its abilities and skills. As for unlocking extra characters, you can do this by completing different quests. You will know right away what needs to be done to unlock a new character class, so as long as you pay attention and follow the rules, you will have more and more characters at your disposal.

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The dungeons remind me a bit of The Legend of Zelda series with multiple doors, enemies, bombs, and more. You also must defeat all enemies in a room to be able to open the door to the next area, so there’s that as well. You’ll use bombs to blow up stones (or enemies!), use your pet to break barrels, or perhaps a staff to electrocute an enemy on the other side of a hole on the ground – it’s not going to work over huge distances, but it gets the job done over small enough spaces. There’s also plenty of treasure for you to loot — a lot.


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This one can be played by players of all skill levels, but there is certainly a challenge in this one! Enemies can overwhelm you if you’re not careful, and bosses are way tougher than expected. You’ll need to make the most of your abilities and skills, as well as use your items carefully if you want to progress during your run. The roguelike option is going to be the harder one of the modes, since your mistakes are going to cost you, forcing you to restart once your adventurer is no more.

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Son of a Witch is a very addictive and fun game with a colorful and charming presentation. The pets were a nice surprise, as was the variety of modes you can take on when playing the game. There’s good replay value in this one since you can unlock additional classes that change how you take on new adventures. As long as you collect all the loot and the coins that your enemies drop when defeated, you will have a good chance at surviving. Son of a Witch is available on Nintendo Switch for $14.99, and it’s one for you to check out.

This Son of a Witch review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Bigosaur.

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Very addictive and fun game with a colorful and charming presentation