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[Beyond PlayStation] X-Morph: Defense Review

[Beyond PlayStation] X-Morph: Defense Review

X-Morph: Defense from EXOR Studios is a more action-focused tower defense game now on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about it in our X-Morph: Defense review!


In X-Morph: Defense, instead of just building towers and defending each area, you will get the opportunity to pilot around in your X-Morph fighter to crush your enemies. The story revolves around a classic plot device: aliens want to drain planet Earth of its natural resources. They aim to do this by building massive spires to boost the process and speed things up. Oh, and you’re actually controlling the aliens and not the humans, so you’re technically the bad guy in this one!

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The shoulder buttons allow you to pick out the firepower of your choice for your vessel, and as you complete levels, you will unlock new upgrades that will help you be victorious. Some are passive upgrades that are applied automatically, while others open the way for you to use different actions to boost your offensive power. Your main goal will be to defend the resource-draining points, doing so by dotting your attack towers throughout the level. If humans destroy your main spire, then you will fail the mission. The good news is that the game has a generous checkpoint system, so if you fail, you will restart at the last one, which will save you from some added frustration.

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Earth is not going to take this well and will do everything it can to punch you in the face. The game offers a solid challenge, with a nice difficulty curve. Your skills will be tested every step of the way, so you’ll need to plan accordingly since you can’t just throw some towers here and there and call it a day. You will need to use your X-Morph to attack clusters of enemies that would otherwise be too strong for your towers to defeat on their own, or else they will destroy your forces. Think carefully about the placements of your towers by making the most of the resources you earn.

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You can unlock stronger towers with the resources that you earn, and once you unlock a tower upgrade, you can see a preview of its power before you decide if it’s a good match for your current strategy. I really liked that the game allowed me to get this preview before I spent my hard-earned resources in something that might not have been beneficial for the situation at hand, so I was able to make the most of the resources I had.


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Each map is big and packed with a lot of detail. I was certainly not expecting each map to have so much to do and so many paths for the enemy units to take. The game looks great on Nintendo Switch both in Docked and in Portable or Tabletop mode, which definitely impressed me. X-Morph: Defense is one of the best looking tower defense games I’ve played on Nintendo Switch, and I’m sure that’s something that fans will appreciate. You’ll be destroying some buildings and structures here and there to block your enemies’ paths so that you can send them down specific areas where you can add more towers to destroy them.

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EXOR Studios did a fantastic job with X-Morph: Defense on Nintendo Switch. The mix of tower defense gameplay mechanics with some extra action thanks to your X-Morph ship, as well as technically being the bad guy for this story, make this one stand out on Nintendo’s console. The game is out for $19.99, and it has three pieces of additional DLC you can get for $4.99 each or in a bundle for the game and all DLC for $29.99, which is the same as getting one of the DLC packs for free. If you’re looking for a different type of tower defense game, then look no further since X-Morph: Defense is the one to get.

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This X-Morph: Defense review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by EXOR Studios.

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Fun action tower defense on Nintendo Switch