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[PlayStation 4] Deep Space Rush Review


Deep Space Rush is a retro-themed endless runner/shooter from Ratalaika Games and BUG-Studio. Find out more in our Deep Space Rush review!

Are you ready to protect the space stations from biological threats? Then grab your gun, jump into your ship, and prepare for lift-off!


Deep Space Rush is an arcade-style release from Ratalaika Games now out on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita with Cross-Buy support and separate trophy lists for each version. There isn’t much of a story for this one, since all you get when you start to play the game is a message about it being your first sweep and that your objective is pretty simple: shoot and kill anything that moves so that there are no witnesses left behind.

Deep Space Rush review

After you read this message, you hop onto the spaceship’s teleporter and are dropped into the space station, ready to shoot at stuff. You’ll have to run for as long as possible and shoot at everything until you’re eventually killed. Depending on whether you start at the left or right side of the screen, you’ll always be going in the opposite direction. There’ll be traps such as laser beams or electric floor tiles you have to avoid on your way, which can sometimes be difficult because of some lag in the controls. It’s like it was designed to be a precision platformer like Mega Man, but without the quality needed for said execution.


Other than the traps, there’ll be a few different enemies that will try to attack you. Some will be human-like creatures running at you, while others look like caterpillars that can jump on you or explode in goo that prevents you from jumping. Shoot them and continue walking forward, while also collecting coins along the way. The coins you collect will be used either from stores you encounter in the space station or at your spaceship when you die. The list of things you can purchase is pretty long, but without any description, you can’t really be sure what you purchase until you try it. There is a health upgrade, an upgrade for your default gun, a shield, and special guns that, if purchased, will drop in the space station at regular intervals, with limited ammo.

Deep Space Rush review

Without much story, you’re dropped right into the action, which is pretty much the simplest form of gameplay you can get. Run, shoot stuff, avoid traps, and die. Once you’ve respawned on your spaceship, you repeat the same pattern all over again. Levels have a different layout every time, so you’re not just replaying the exact same thing, but the gameplay still boils down to the same loop. The upgrades are poorly documented, so the only way to see what a gun does is to purchase it.

As for the trophies, it wouldn’t be a Ratalaika Games release without an easy Platinum, and this one is no exception. Get to 100 monsters killed and 100 zones cleared, and you’ll pretty much be done with the game, which should take you less than an hour at most.

Deep Space Rush review

Final Thoughts
If you’re in looking for a new easy Platinum for your collection, then you can’t go wrong with Deep Space Rush. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t have anything to make it a thrilling experience. Repetitive gameplay, lack of variety, and no replay value – even if the content is technically endless – makes for something that you should only play for the Platinum trophy – which at least makes this Cross-Buy $4.99 release a good option for trophy hunters.

This Deep Space Rush review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

Review Overview

Easy platinum with too simple gameplay mechanics