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[PlayStation 4] Stellatum Review

[PlayStation 4] Stellatum Review
  • On December 10, 2019

Stellatum from Sometimes You is a twin-stick shoot ‘em up with a budget price and plenty of content for fans of the genre. Learn more in our Stellatum review!


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In Stellatum, you take on a mission to use a new teleportation device to explore the far regions of the universe, traveling through space in order to destroy a massive comet that is threatening the planet’s existence. You launch into space and teleport to a point near the comet’s path, hoping you can destroy it before it is too late. Unfortunately, even after destroying the comet, all is not well. Unknown spaceships start to pop up, out of nowhere, and it’s your job to destroy them as you gather information on what is going on.

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As soon as you start the game’s story mode, you’ll be thrown into a short tutorial stage where you’ll get to learn the basics. In Stellatum, you’ll move your ship with the left analog stick, looking and aiming around you with the right stick. You can activate system 1 and system 2 with the L1 and R1 buttons, which will activate different skills depending on what you have equipped for your shop. The button you’ll be using the most is the R2 button since it will be used for attacking enemies and hazards. The good news is that your attacks can actually destroy your enemies’ attacks, which is great since it keeps the game from going into bullet hell territory

You do need to keep in mind that you can’t just press and hold the R2 button forever because there’s a gauge at the bottom left corner of the screen that will start to fill up the longer you continue to shoot. If it fills up completely, then your weapons system will overheat, leaving you vulnerable for a couple of seconds. Not being able to fire for a couple of seconds might not feel like much, but when you have a handful of small enemies and a couple of larger ones firing at you, along with some asteroids here and there, you could be in trouble.

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Between each of the dozens of missions you get to play in Stellatum, you can go into the hangar by pressing the L1 button. Once in there, you’ll be able to put to good use any blueprints you might have found, as well as the material and components you’ve collected, to create new pieces for your spaceship. Crafting this an equipping them on your vessel will allow you to boost its damage per second, armor, max speed, acceleration, shield capacity, shield regeneration, and more, giving you better odds of surviving subsequent stages.


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Since you’re going to be busy destroying enemies and asteroids as you avoid any bullets you can’t destroy, you probably won’t be able to collect all the material and components left behind by those that you defeat. The good news is that the large space station that carries your shop will follow behind you – while staying off-screen – and it at least will collect half of the material and components that you can grab and that would otherwise have been left behind. Better to have half of them than none, right?

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As for the game’s trophies, this is a pretty straightforward list for which you’re going to need around 5-6 hours to get all the trophies. You’ll have to complete the entire campaign, which means you’ll have to finish all main levels. On top of this, you’ll be required to destroy hundreds of asteroids and thousands of enemies, but those trophies will pop up as you complete each of the 50 main missions in Stellatum. The rest of the trophies will ask you to do things such as completing a stage without receiving any damage, crafting and using specific systems, or losing all of your lives during a boss fight.

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Stellatum is a fun twin-stick shoot ‘em up on PlayStation 4 with a lot of content on offer for its $14.99 asking price. You’re looking at 50 main stages, as well as several side-missions to complete, a ton of blueprints to unlock, and many parts to craft that will boost your spaceship, changing how you approach subsequent missions. Add an Arena mode that is basically an endless survival mode, and you have a game that is easy to recommend on Sony’s home console.

This Stellatum review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Sometimes You.

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Fun twin-stick shoot ‘em up on PS4 with a lot of content