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[PlayStation 4] Planet Rix-13 Review

[PlayStation 4] Planet Rix-13 Review

Planet Rix-13 is a short 2D adventure game from Sometimes You on PlayStation 4. Learn more about it in our Planet Rix-13 review!


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In Planet Rix-13, you take control of a pilot of a spaceship that had to make an emergency landing. The planet you land on tells the story of a long-dead civilization, and it seems that others have visited before you as well. As I mentioned in the intro, the one complaint you might have about Planet Rix-13 is that it’s a short adventure experience. In my case, it certainly left me wanting more. The good news for trophy hunters is that this means they can add a new Platinum trophy to their collection in les s than an gour. Are you a fan of retro-styled 2D point and click adventure games? Then you should read on to learn more about Planet Rix-13!


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Planet Rix-13 is going to take you around 20-30 minutes to complete for each run, getting one of the two endings in each run. The game is a short one, so there’s no extended tutorial letting you know what needs to be done to play the game. All you’re going to get is a pop-up message that will let you know what each button is used for, and that’s it. At least you can then get started right away with your adventure! Oh, and before I forget: if you want to add your first trophy for Planet Rix-13 to your collection, you should turn around as soon as you can control your character and walk towards the aircraft that is behind you. Doing this will kill your character as a new trophy pops up less than 20 seconds into the game.


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Planet Rix-13 has no spoken dialogue whatsoever, but the nameless protagonist will make some gruesome sounds when you take control of it and send it to dangerous situations, such as walking into a radioactive area, or drinking something that is most certainly not edible. As you explore the first area, the game will help you find the stuff you can interact with by using white lines. Objects you collect will be used to solve a puzzle or two. For example, to be able to last longer in radioactive areas, you will need the radiation filter. Once you find said item it will be automatically equipped and you will be able to start exploring areas that would otherwise be deadly. The filter does not make you invulnerable to radiation, but at least it gives you enough time to search for the next item you need.


In the beginning, you only have access to the crash site and the lab, but solving a puzzle here and there will allow you to unlock new areas as you go. As long as you click on everything you can interact with, you will find the right item for the next puzzle. If something looks broken, then you will need to find a way to fix it. When a mechanism is not working, you will need to find the piece it’s missing so that it can be activated. Computer cards will fix the servers, and a 3D printer will come in very handy. If you find yourself suddenly stumped, you might need to go back to the crash site at some point to find an item that may help you progress.


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Planet Rix-13 is a short game, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good game you should play. The puzzles are short and to the point, making for a very relaxing adventure. There are two endings, but since this is a short game, getting both endings shouldn’t take trophy hunters more than an hour at most.

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This Planet Rix-13 review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Sometimes You.

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Entertaining but short adventure game