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[Beyond PlayStation] Battle Planet – Judgement Day Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Battle Planet – Judgement Day Review
  • On December 20, 2019

Battle Planet – Judgement Day from THREAKS and Wild River Games is a fast-paced roguelike twin-stick shooter you should check out. Find out why in our Battle Planet – Judgement Day review!


In Battle Planet – Judgement Day, you are one of three of the most wanted criminals in the universe. The transport that was taking you to a maximum-security prison ends up crashing, which means it’s the perfect time for trying to make a run for it so that you can escape before it’s too late! You’ll need to survive the onslaught of police units, military units, and aliens, killing anything that moves. You can take on this escape adventure on your own, or you can enlist a friend for some local co-op fun.


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Battle Planet – Judgement Day uses the usual twin-stick setup, with the left analog stick for moving your character and the right one for aiming and attacking. The more enemies you defeat, the higher your combo bar, and you can keep the combo going strong by killing more enemies before the counter runs out. You can use a jetpack by pressing and holding down the ZL button, which will allow you to hover for a bit so that you can clear some hazards – lava is never a good option! The jetpack can also be used to quickly move around an area so that you can try to avoid enemy attacks. The ZR button is for using special attacks, which will end up saving your butt more than once.

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Due to its roguelike setup, you’ll be taking on randomly generated planets – which are way smaller than the stuff you could explore in Super Mario Galaxy and its sequel – in which you’ll have to survive wave after wave of enemies for as long as possible. These waves will include specific objectives, such as kill everything, survive for X amount of time, defusing the bombs that the police have thrown onto the planet to kill you – and everyone else -, or survive long enough to battle a boss.

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Most of the wave types are for things you’ve seen in other games, but I did want to take a moment to quickly explain the bomb-defusing scenarios. You’ll have to walk inside of the delimited radius around a bomb and remain there long enough for the drone that accompanies you to defuse the bomb. Walk out of the radius, and the defusing process will stop, but at least it won’t reset down to zero. If you have to walk out because you need to avoid enemy fire, be sure to keep an eye on the bomb timer so that you can quickly dash there to continue the process.

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You’ll start with only Raider unlocked for you to play as, which means you’ll have to unlock Spy and Psycho – the two other characters – by defeating a boss or two. Each of the three characters has different movement, health, and attack stats to consider, as well as a different weapon and ability set. For example, Spy – the female character of the bunch – can run at high speed, which is good for putting some distance between you and your enemies. Pyscho, on the other hand, is a tank, so it can take more damage than the other two but will be slower when he walks. Luckily he has access to a jump ability that is certainly going to be useful in Battle Planet.


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The longer you survive, the more blue chips you’ll collect for your efforts on said run. These blue chips can be used to improve each of the characters you’ll be able to control. You can unlock new weapons, which will include some different stats to help you survive for longer. Weapons can also be upgraded, unlocking additional perks in the process. You can also decide to boost a character’s health, speed, attack weapon, and more so that they can keep up with the crazy action.


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Battle Planet is a fun, fast-paced roguelike twin-stick shooter that offers bite-sized planetoids to explore one after the other at a steady pace… as long as you can survive the increasing difficulty curve and the bump in the number of enemies out to get you! You’ll slowly but surely be making some progress towards unlocking new characters, activating new perks from the random available selection, changing things as you go. It’s an entertaining action game that can be played in short burst or for longer runs, and it’s out on Nintendo Switch for $14.99.

This Battle Planet – Judgement Day review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Wild River Games.

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