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[PlayStation 4] Football Game Review


Football Game is a retro-styled point and click adventure about a high school football player and his love for a girl. Find out more about this Ratalaika Games and Cloak and Dagger Games release in our Football Game review!


Football Game Review - 1

The year is 1987. Tommy is a high school football MVP player with the Purchase County Turbines. The story kicks off with him waking up after having one too many beers, as he realizes he needs to get to the football game fast… but not to play the game. Tommy wants to get to the game to see his true one and only: Suzy. Your adventure will go on from there as you’ll learn more about Tommy’s past, his relationship with Suzy, and what lead him to where he is right now.

Football Game Review - 2

The game plays like a traditional point and click adventure game, highly inspired by classic games from 30 years ago. You move your cursor around the screen, and when something or someone can be interacted with, it becomes slightly highlighted, and you can see its name. You can either interact with the X button or simply examine something with the Circle button. You’ll occasionally collect some objects that you’ll be able to use to solve puzzles, either by themselves or by combining them with another one, and they will be accessible by moving your cursor to the top of the screen to open up your inventory.


Puzzles will vary from running errands for some people to finding objects that allow you to access another location, but none of them are cryptic, so you will be able to quickly find what you need without wasting hours walking back and forth separate locations. The most annoying thing while going around solving those puzzles is when you want to move Tommy to another place. Since you can only do stuff with the cursor, you have to click on a spot on which there are no objects to interact with, or you’ll just get the text for interacting with it. While this might sound minor, sometimes the screen is packed with different things you can interact with, so finding a spot to click on to walk is a bit of a challenge.

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Apart from the theme, the game played a bit similarly to Just Ignore Them, another Ratalaika Games release that we reviewed. As the story is told, you will learn new details about Tommy, and you will uncover at one point that things are not what they seem, as there is more to Tommy than meets the eye. And then the game will be over. You’re looking at an hour and change or up to two hours tops to complete this one if you know what you’re doing.

As for the trophies, this is another release that every Platinum hunter will be happy to purchase. It’s a cross-buy title for a start, which means you’ll get two Platinum trophies for the price of one if you have a PlayStation Vita. Most of the trophies will unlock naturally by just playing the game with the exception of a few that could be missed, but the game is so short you won’t have any trouble going back to get them.

Football Game Review - 4

Final Thoughts
Football Game is not the best point and click you can find, but with its short length, double Platinum trophies, and an okay story. You’ll be done in a couple of hours at most, which is enough to scratch that point and click adventure game itch.

PSN Price: $4.99


This Football Game review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

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Easy point and click Platinum!