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[Beyond PlayStation] Farm Mystery Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Farm Mystery Review
  • On December 24, 2019

Farm Mystery from Ocean Media is a point and click hidden object adventure game on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Farm Mystery review!


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Farm Mystery was originally released six years ago on PC. It’s a point and click hidden object adventure game that takes place in Happy Orchard Farm, and Ocean Media has now released it for the Nintendo Switch. You find yourself trapped in this mysterious location where many people have gone missing, and must now find the secrets of Happy Orchard Farm, which will also allow you to stay very much alive and well so that you can escape from its madness.

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For this old school point and click game, you’ll be moving a cursor around the screen with the right analog stick, pressing the ZR button to interact with people or objects, picking up any item that might be needed to solve a puzzle. All items will be placed inside of your inventory, which you can check with the R button. You might, for example, find and collect your car keys which you left on the car’s door. Once it’s in your inventory, you can grab it and drag it on top of the trunk’s keyhole so that you can unlock the trunk.

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If, at any point you are a bit stuck and can’t find what to do next, the game will push you in the right direction by giving you a hint as it plays the sound of a chime. If you’re really stuck and need to be given a hint at a faster pace, you can conjure one up right away by pressing the X button. When playing in Portable or Tabletop mode, or when taking Farm Mystery on the go with your Nintendo Switch Lite, you can also use the console’s touchscreen to point and tap on stuff to speed things up.

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As for the hidden object sections of Farm Mystery, you should know what to do since by now, you’ve probably played a dozen of games in this very relaxing genre. Once you’re in a hidden objects section, you will see a list of items presented to you at the bottom center of the screen, and that means your task is to search around the screen for each of the objects on the list. Once you click on one of said objects, it will go from being displayed in white font to showing up in a black font, so that you can focus on collecting the rest.


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Farm Mystery is a budget point and click hidden object adventure game on Nintendo Switch that is only $9.99. It does its job in providing you with a relaxing experience you can play at your own pace, offering a very generous hint system so that players of all skill levels have a chance to see the whole story through from start to finish.

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This Farm Mystery review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Ocean Media.

Review Overview

Competent old-school point and click hidden object adventure