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[PlayStation 4] Foxyland Review


FoxyLand is the latest release by BUG-Studio and publisher Ratalaika Games, featuring a fox on his quest to find back his loved one. Find out more about this title in our FoxyLand review!

Help Foxy Fox on a dangerous journey to rescue his love, Jennie. Without your help, Foxy won’t be able to save her!

Embark on an adventure to rescue Jennie! Jump and dodge past challenging enemies and traps while collecting gems and cherries across 36 levels.


The game kicks off with the little introduction that serves as the story for all your missions. As you are just hanging out with your girlfriend, an eagle comes by and simply dives down and takes her away. Without it ever being mentioned, you know your quest will be all about rescuing her.

Foxyland Review

As you start the first level, you’ll quickly get to know the basics of the game. All the controls you need are the left analog stick or the D-pad arrows to move or duck, and the cross button to do a single or double jump. To complete a level, it’s not just a matter of getting to the end, since you need to collect all of the diamonds to open the door at the end of that level. If you don’t have them all, you’ll have to backtrack to find the missing ones. Most of the time, they are in plain sight and are easy to see, but some of them will only be available in an area that will be unlocked by a lever further into the level, requiring you to go back for a bit.

Foxyland Review

You’ll also be able to collect cherries in the levels, which serve as the currency to purchase cosmetic items for your fox. Although not mandatory, they do influence the number of stars you get at the end of a level, which the best grade being three stars. Enemies you come across will also give you cherries if you jump on them, but being hit by them will have the opposite effect and make you drop a ton of cherries that will quickly disappear if you don’t grab them fast enough.

Foxyland Review

I started the game without much anticipation of what it would be, and even if my time with the game was relatively short, I had a good time with it. The first few levels start as a pretty straightforward experience, but as you progress, some levels will become quite tricky if you aim for getting a three stars rating in all of them. There are a total of 36 levels in the game (plus three bonus ones) that surprisingly had a lot of variety. There are obstacles such as spikes, boulders, falling platforms, and even walls of spike that progress towards you nonstop, which all made for some fun variety. While the game could take you less than 2 hours to complete, it could take a bit more if you’re trying to get a three stars rating in all the levels.

Foxyland Review

And if you’re here just for the easy platinum trophies (cross-buy with a second trophy list!), you’ll be glad to know it’s one of those short ones! Just completing the first 20 levels, without even being required to get a three stars rating on the levels, will net you most of the trophies, and you’re likely to have obtained the other ones while getting there without even trying.

Final Thoughts
FoxyLand is not a game of the year contender, but at this price and for the easy Platinum trophies, it’s a game that will provide an evening of entertainment between your other AAA gaming sessions.

PSN Price: $4.99


This Foxyland review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

Review Overview

Fun little platformer!