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[PlayStation 4] Iron Snout Review

[PlayStation 4] Iron Snout Review

Iron Snout from Ratalaika Games is a single-screen brawler in which you must stay alive for as long as possible. Learn more in our Iron Snout review!


I’m going to have to level with you: Iron Snout is the one Ratalaika Games release on PlayStation that I just don’t get. There is no story and absolutely no depth and no real replayability unless you’re the type of gamer who likes to chase after beating your previous high score. Trophy hunters are going to play this one for that Platinum trophy for around an hour or so, and even then, they’re going to feel it’s a very repetitive arcade-style game in which you get to a point at which things don’t change that much. At least you’re getting the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita versions for a single purchase.

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Iron Snout from SnoutUp Games is a button-mashing beat ’em up with a Pig as the main protagonist. He can’t walk away from this spot at all, so you’re going to be attacking from the center of the screen without moving much from that spot, other than jumping every now and then as needed. You can see everything the game has to offer in around ten minutes or so, so if the button-mashing aspect doesn’t grab your attention, you’re not going to enjoy your time with Iron Snout.


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As for the game itself, the menu gives you four options to play in different modes… which are not really that different from the main game’s theme. You can unlock new looks as you rack up kills, so there’s that for customize your character. On a plus note if you don’t like blood and gore, you can turn that off with a simple press of a button in the menu’s settings. While you’re there, you can check your stats page where you can view your kill number, combos, weapon types, and so on, the stats list is long, and it’s nice to have as well – but it didn’t do much to encourage me to keep playing.

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As a pig, you must fight off constant waves of enemies coming at you from both sides of the screen. Some of them will carry weapons, such as, say, meat cleavers, and you can attack enemies, disarm them, and then use their weapons against them. The game is set on a 2D plane, so enemies will appear from both sides of the screen, coming at you on the ground, and even from the air, so you’ll be punching and kicking left, right, and up in the air. Each enemy has its own movement and attack patterns.

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The longer you survive for each run, the stronger your enemies will get, bringing more weapons to the fight. You will need to stay on high alert so that you can jump to kill a flying enemy, sending it flying towards a group of enemies on your left, as you punch and kick to your right, jumping up to grab a clever, so that you can throw it to your left to catch an enemy off guard, as you prepare to take on the new wave of enemies making its way towards you.

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Iron Snout is the one Ratalaika Games release that I didn’t really like. Trophy hunters can get a pair of Platinum trophies by playing the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita versions of the game for a couple of hours for this $4.99 cross-buy release, but that’s about it. The gameplay cycle is not a fun one, but some of you might think differently about this arcade-style release.

This Iron Snout review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

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Simple arcade-style beat 'em up with not much substance