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[PlayStation 4] Delta Squad Review

[PlayStation 4] Delta Squad Review
  • On December 27, 2019

Delta Squad is a new release from Ratalaika Games, which is only out on PS4 with no PS Vita counterpart. Learn more about it in our Delta Squad review!


In Delta Squad from Spanish publisher Ratalaika Games and Spanish indie studio Eskema Games, you’ll take control of the titular ground-based unit who are up against General Rumanovsky, an evil overlord who is trying to conquer the world with the use of a virus that has fallen into the wrong hands. It’s a spin-off of sorts from Fullblast, the short shoot ‘em up from Eskema Games that we also got a chance to review on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. This time around, the game is available only on PlayStation 4, as has been the case before for a handful of releases from Ratalaika Games.

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The game offers a Campaign mode, as well as a Survival mode, both split into five different maps: Miniland, Farmlands, Megapolis, Industrial, and Vinepolis. There are four characters available, with up to four-player local co-op being an option as well. The characters are the Infantry unit, the most balanced of the bunch in its Speed, Defense, and Power stats, the Heavy, which puts a bigger emphasis on Defense over the other two stats, the Engineer which favors Power and Speed, and the Medic, which has a big boost to Speed and Power but a very low Defense.

Your character will move with the left analog stick, taking aim at enemies with the right one. You can shot your primary weapon with the R2 button, using your secondary weapon with the L2 button. The L1 button is for reloading while you can roll out of the way of danger by tapping the R1 button. If you need to interact with something to perform an action or to read the text presented to you as you play, you can do so with the X button.

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Levels in Campaign mode will offer main missions to complete, as well as secondary objectives you can take on. These will include, for example, eliminating all the nearby enemies in a particular area as your main mission, while the secondary objective could ask that you find the different coins that have been scattered around a stage. As expected, the main mission is something you have to complete to be able to progress further in the game, while the secondary objective is an optional goal you can aim for.

After completing a stage in Campaign mode, our overall score will be transferred into experience points that will help your character level up. For each level you gain, you will obtain points that you can allocate to your stats so that you can improve your character, making it easier to complete the remaining stages. It’s a nice way for players to improve their characters so that they can overcome their shortcomings. I’d suggest you focus on defense first so that your character can stand up against the enemies’ attacks.

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While Campaign mode offers a bit more story, a higher challenge, and more objectives to complete, for Survival mode, you only have one objective to worry about: survive enemy wave after enemy wave, defending your position to your limit. For this, you will need to always be on the move as you make good use of the supplies that your Commander and allies will drop over the playing field every now and then.

As for the game’s trophies, this is a Ratalaika Games release, and we’ve come to expect a Platinum trophy for our efforts. This game is not the exception, but it is one of the few games that Ratalaika has released that are only available on PlayStation 4, so there are no trophy stacks for separate trophy lists on PS4 and Vita since there’s no Vita version.

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Delta Squad is a top-down arcade-style action game on PlayStation 4 that is more fun when played with friends. The gameplay is repetitive, so if you take on the Campaign on your own, you will probably be bored halfway through. The game does have a Platinum trophy hunters can aim to unlock, but since there’s no PlayStation Vita version, it’s going to be just the one Platinum trophy for your collection. At least it’s going to take you an hour and change to unlock that new Platinum!

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This Delta Squad review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

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Top-down action game that is a bit repetitive when played on your own