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[Beyond PlayStation] Strike Force Kitty Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Strike Force Kitty Review
  • On December 31, 2019

Strike Force Kitty from No Gravity Games is a humorous platformer with a big focus on cats. Learn more about this one in our Strike Force Kitty review!


In Strike Force Kitty, you will take control of a squad of four kittens who are out on an adventure of the most classic type: saving a princess! An army of foxes has taken the princess, and it’s up to your group of kitten to prepare for the biggest adventure of their lives. You will need to make the most of their skills and abilities, as well as their overall strength, to be able to survive the many fights you’ll need to take part in to be able to reach the final boss that is keeping the princess captive.


Strike Force Kitty Review - 1

Your group of kitten will automatically run forward, and battles will also take place automatically once you’ve bumped into a group of enemies. Each of the members of your kitten group will attack with all their might, and so will your opponents! Whoever is left standing after the final punch lands will be victorious. If your group of kitten survives, they will continue running forward as they collect fish-shaped cookies – as many as they possibly can – during each run through a stage.

These fish-shaped cookies can be used to boost each character’s stats so that they can become better heroes. You can raise each cat’s attack power, total health points and attack speed, and number of uses for each of their abilities… as long as you have a ton of fish-shaped cookies! You’ll need to balance out your group since just having each one focus on one particular stat might be good in the short term. If you have a team of kitten that has a high attack power but takes forever between each attack, the entire team might be wiped out before you can dish out enough of your boom.

Strike Force Kitty Review - 2


As you defeat enemies and progress through the game, you will get to unlock many of the more than 350 costumes for your kitten squad. Some of these costumes will grant your team members special abilities or skills they can put to good use during the platforming sections as well as during battle. You can also collect coins during your adventure, and these can be used to purchase some delicious meals at the café run by two raccoons. These meals will grant you some bonuses for a set period of time and include boosts such as dealing more damage against bosses, having improved healing powers, adding more skills to your cats, and more. There’s also a roulette mini-game for spending your coins if you like to leave things to luck since you might end up unlocking a new costume for your group, or could end up empty-handed even after spending a ton of your coins.


The first couple of stages will feel like a breeze since your team of kitten will easily make short work of the handful of enemies they will battle, lulling you into a false sense of confidence. But once you hit levels three and four, you’ll quickly realize that your team is not a strong as you thought. You’ll see how your cats start to die a lot, and an incomplete team has no chance of surviving until the end of the stage, even if you do try to avoid some fights here and there. Because of this, you’ll probably have to replay the first two stages in the game a handful of times so that you can collect a ton of fish-shaped cookies so that you can train your kitten at the gym so that you can pump them up.


Strike Force Kitty Review - 4

The many costumes you can collect are paying homage to pop culture icons, such as Freddy Krugger from the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, Robin Hood, Indiana Jones, Finn from Adventure Time, Naruto, Buzz from the beloved Toy Story series, as well as different nods to video games like Bioshock, Skyrim, a non-descript assassin from Assassin’s Creed, and more. Each of the costumes will be separated into categories so that you can quickly fight the right costume for the job. You’ll also be able to mix and match what each of you cats gets to wear, finding combos that unlock additional bonuses for all being under a specific theme.


Strike Force Kitty Review - Boss

After a handful of regular stages, you will end up running into a boss stage. Boss stages are different since they feature massive bosses to defeat, which will force you to learn their particular movement and attack patterns so that you can survive long enough to deal that final blow that will defeat it. You might not be able to beat a boss during your first try, but at least you’ll learn more about it and get a chance to revise your strategy, changing into new costumes and perhaps upgrading your group’s stats so that you can stand a chance.

Strike Force Kitty Review - 5

Strike Force Kitty is a budget autorunner platformer with turn-based automatic battles, hundreds of costumes to unlock, big bosses to defeat, lots of levels to complete – which feature multiple paths you can take once you’ve unlocked additional abilities for your cats, all for a budget $4.99 asking price. The game is now out on Nintendo Switch, and it’s a nice bite-sized experience that is a good option to play between bigger games on the system.


This Strike Force Kitty review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by No Gravity Games.

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Dynamic budget autorunner platformer with an RPG twist