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[Beyond PlayStation] Mushroom Quest Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Mushroom Quest Review
  • On January 2, 2020

Mushroom Quest from Drageus Games is a take on the old-school box pushing puzzlers on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Mushroom Quest review!


In Mushroom Quest, you will take on a set of 30 puzzles that will be solved by pushing boxes here and there, so that you can collect all the crystals in each level. As you progress through each stage, new elements will be introduced into the mix, so that you never feel overwhelmed. For the first set of levels in Mushroom Quest, you will only need to push some boxes here and there to cover the gaps that keep you from reaching the crystals on the other side.

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Along with the boxes, you will also notice there are some spaces with wood planks over them. These planks can only be walked over once because after you walk past them, they will collapse and fall down into the bottomless pit. Soon enough, you will run into levels that have colored switches that need to be pressed down with boxes to open the door of the corresponding color. After that, you will need to collect keys to open locks so that you can grab all crystals. And then there will be trapdoors you need to be careful with as they will open and close at a steady pace.

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Mushroom Quest is a fun puzzler on Nintendo Switch with a gentle difficulty curve that introduces new elements at a steady pace. It’s going to take you an hour or two to complete all puzzles depending on your skill level, as there are 30 stages on offer for a budget price of only $2.99, and I definitely enjoyed my time with Mushroom Quest.

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This Mushroom Quest review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Drageus Games.

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Fun and short box pushing puzzle game