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[PlayStation 4] Creepy Road Review

[PlayStation 4] Creepy Road Review

Creepy Road from Groovy Milk is a fun run n’ gun shooter on PlayStation 4. Learn more about it in our Creepy Road review!


Creepy Road is a great looking game with an interesting art style that helps to make everything pop. This one is a sidescrolling run and gun game, in which the comical story is told at a steady pace. You play as Flint, a guy with a typical trucker look – a white guy with jeans and a cap, unshaven. There has been an invasion, and Flint is on a mission to save Angelina, his one true love, and to do this, he has to shoot his way out of trouble. Thanks to its gameplay mechanics, the game is very easy to pick up and play, but the overall difficulty curve might make this one too hard for some gamers out there.

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Each level has hordes of enemies coming at you, and you will have to put your guns to good use to shoot at anything that moves. It’s here that I need to mention something that I didn’t like about Creepy Road: the checkpoint system. Because of how the game is set up, if you fail, you’re going to have to replay entire sections of a level. For later levels in Creepy Road, due to how many enemies you’ll be fighting against, odds are that you’re going to die during some of the more pronounced difficulty spikes.

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You’re going to need flexible fingers for this one, because you’ll be running, jumping, and shooting left, right and all over the place so that you can stay alive. There will be some times when you’ll feel you’re going out the frying pan and into the fire, as there are some rather big difficulty spikes that will test your skills in full. On the plus side, there is one trophy in Creepy Road that asks players to accumulate 300 deaths while playing, so you’ll definitely be making some progress towards unlocking that one.

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The enemies are presented in good variety, from tiny cuddly bunnies to deadly bears, with some great animation work for all of them. While the game might sound like a short one since it has only four bosses, the fact that you’ll need a lot of practice and trial and error to be able to reach each of the bosses means that you’ll spend some extra time playing each area to find the right rhythm to clear the challenge. And once you do reach a boss, you can’t just button mash your way through the fight. The goal will be to learn their movement and attack patterns as you try to find a good window of opportunity to make a dent in their health.

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Unlike most run and gun games that have you carrying weapons from one level to the next, you will instead find weapons dotted around in plain view. You can find tons of different weapons from simple pistols to mini-guns, as well as powerful grenades to clear out groups of enemies. The weapons you find will have a limited set of ammo, so you’ll need to make every shot count. While your pistol does have unlimited ammo, it will barely make a difference when you’re battling against tougher enemies.

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Creepy Road is a fun run n’ gun shooter with challenging bosses, and noticeable difficulty spikes dotted out here and there as you play through each area. It has a good art style and a very animated cast of enemies and bosses to defeat, and you’ll be spending a handful of hours with this $12.99 2D action game as you try to help Flint Trucker to save his beloved Angelina.

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This Creepy Road review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Groovy Milk.

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Good looking and challening 2D shooter