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[PlayStation 4] The Tower of Beatrice Review

[PlayStation 4] The Tower of Beatrice Review

The Tower of Beatrice is a fun point and click escape room type of game on PS4 from Sometimes You. Learn more in our Tower of Beatrice review!


Sometimes You has released several games on PlayStation 4, and this time around, we’re getting an escape room game in The Tower of Beatrice. You’ll be exploring six floors presented under different themes, and while the game isn’t overly difficult, some of the puzzles didn’t really make sense, others were quite clever.


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The game has a thin storyline to follow, which involves you exploring the tower to find a steel book that is hidden all the way up on the top floor. The witch who resides in the tower hasn’t been seen in years, which is certainly weird. You will then realize that she is very much alive and well, as she traps you in a cage. After this, the witch will tall to you via a spellbook, monitoring your actions. Your goal, as you can imagine, is to escape each of the six themed floors on the tower, solving the different puzzle types the game throws at you.

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Each floor is going to present to you the one room to escape from, and you can move around the room using the D-Pad to make the gold circular cursor move in the direction you want it to. There are several points of interest in each room that you can click on, and every point of interest has a puzzle. Anything you pick up is automatically entered into your inventory. And along with your inventory, you also have access to a small black cauldron, which you use to create potions with the items you collect. You will also come across a riddle or two to solve. Nothing is too obtuse, making it possible for players to finish the game in a few hours, making that Platinum pop.


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Should you get stuck, there is a hint system that looks like a piece of paper with a “?” on it. Once you access it, it will basically tell you the answers to the puzzle you’ trying to solve, which to me, feels like it would ruin the experience. But even so, it’s still good to have for those of you that might have issues with a puzzle or two, so that they can carry on with their adventure. There is no penalty for using the system and no cool down periods.

Every room has collectibles to grab which are also part of the main general puzzle, which is to escape the room. These include things such as feathers, pieces of paper, cogs, and more. These collectibles are obviously not missable as they are part of your escape plan for each of the floors you visit, but they are sometimes hidden or locked away until you solve a puzzle. I did like this type of collectibles since instead of collecting for the sake of it, they actually have a purpose.

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As with some of the other titles on PlayStation 4 from Sometimes You, The Tower of Beatrice has a Platinum trophy for you obtain. This Platinum trophy can be unlocked in one playthrough since none of the trophies are missable. You’ll be solving riddles, searching for objects, and creating potions. As you complete each floor, you will get to hear the trophy unlock sound at a steady pace.

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The Tower of Beatrice is a short but fun escape room game from Sometimes You available at a low price on PlayStation 4. I liked the art style and how every room was different, but I do think that the story could be a little deeper.

This The Tower of Beatrice review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Sometimes You.

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Fun escape room point and click adventure