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[Beyond PlayStation] Mercury Race Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Mercury Race Review

Mercury Race is a neon-tinted racing shooting game on Nintendo Switch available at a budget price. Learn more about it in our Mercury Race review!


In Mercury Race, you get to pick from different available ships to find the one that is right for you by taking into consideration their strengths and weaknesses. You will be racing against time, shooting at anything that moves, unlocking new tracks as you go. You will travel across three galaxies in a racer that is a bit more forgiving with the racing part when compared to other futuristic racer releases such as, say, WipEout, in which a single mistake can end up costing you the race.

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There are several tracks available to you right from the start, and you can unlock some more as you progress through the game. Each track you play is full of enemies to defeat and hazards to avoid, with things such as red blocks placed right in the middle of a track that can spell doom for your ship, or enemies that are taking aim at you and fire at will. The good news is that you can fight back and eliminate enemies by shooting at them as you try not to crash while driving around each track.

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The challenging part is combining driving your vehicle around while aiming with the on-screen cursor at an enemy so that you can shoot it at the right time, all while being in constant motion. On top of this, you need to secure a good overall time to secure a qualifying time to win. The good news is that as long as you get the Bronze place in a race, you’re set and will be able to carry on towards the next one. With time, patience, and practice, you can eventually aim for and reach a Gold win.


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There is a leaderboard as well, and if I’m honest, I’m way down near the bottom of the list. At least it’s a good way for you to see how you stack up in each of the different galaxies as you take on the tracks. There is also a local multiplayer option so that you can play along with a friend in a split-screen mode. You can play in Arcade mode as you try to unlock each of the available badges, or you can play in King of the Galaxy mode, where you will play five circuits in a row.


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Something I didn’t like that much was the camera for Mercury Race. You can pick from the camera options the game has for you, and for me the best one was the first-person camera, because the other options have your ship presented from specific viewing points that make it harder to see around corners, which can lead to crashing more than you should. Some sections of a track will have bottomless pits that are deadly, and if you’re not playing with the right camera angle, you’ll be in trouble.

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Mercury Race is a fun budget neon-tinted racing shooting game on Nintendo Switch, available for only $7.99. It’s different from other racers in the system since you’re not racing against other human opponents – or even against AI opponents – since you’ll be focusing on racing and shooting as you avoid hazards that can end your run in an instant. I really liked the neon art style, and I had fun with the different vehicles and the challenging tracks.

This Mercury Race review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Herrero Games.

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Fun retro-styled racing shooter