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[Beyond PlayStation] Squidlit Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Squidlit Review
  • On January 20, 2020

Squidlit is a fun and short budget 2D platformer on Nintendo Switch that brings back memories of the Game Boy era. Learn more in our Squidlit review!


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Squidlit is a fun 2D platformer that pays homage to the old-school classic Game Boy games from 30 years ago. You’ll take control of Plip, as you run, jump, and ink your way towards defeating the evil Skwit Skwot before it’s too late! The gameplay mechanics are simple and to the point, since you’ll be moving Plip around with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, jumping with the A, B, or L buttons. While airborne, you can press any of those three buttons to have Plip spit out some ink below it. The ink is what you’ll use to defend yourself from your enemies, which was an interesting gameplay mechanic.


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Before you go out on a quest, you’ll get a chance to talk to the villagers – which is done by pressing up on the Joy-con or the D-Pad – who will wish you good luck on your quest. One of them, in particular, who will be wearing a chef’s hat, will also grant you some health points, represented by muffins at the upper center part of the screen. To help you even more, he’ll also catapult some extra muffins onto the areas you’re about to explore so that you can find them and grab a bite that will allow you to recover some of your lost health.


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The game is showcased in a 4:3 presentation with the color palette we know and love from the beloved Game Boy. Since it’s 2020 and most gamers out there own a 16:9 widescreen TV – not to mention that the Nintendo Switch’s screen is also 16:9, Squidlit features a frame of sorts that displays a speaker on the left side of the screen, and a contrast dial and a red juice light that would go on if this hypothetical portable console was running out of batteries. If you’d like to have black bars on both sides of the screen on the center that displays the action, you can hide it with the ZR button.


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There are a few bosses to battle during your short adventure, and each one will be a different experience. You’ll run into one battle in the air as you shoot away at a large serpent – in a sequence that reminded me about Super Mario Land on the Game Boy. Another one will have you battling an ancient stone lamp come to life. There’s one, in particular, that is very interesting since it will have a fight that is unlike anything else I’ve played in a 2D platformer.

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Squidlit is a fun and short budget 2D platformer that you should check out on Nintendo Switch. For only $1.99, you’ll embark on a retro-styled adventure that will take you around an hour or so to complete. It’s a good homage to the Game Boy era, available at a low price, and a good option to play between longer gaming experiences.

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This Squidlit review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Squidlit Ink.

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Fun and short retro-styled budget 2D platformer