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[PlayStation 4] Ovivo Review

[PlayStation 4] Ovivo Review

Ovivo is a neat and clean minimalist platformer on PlayStation 4 from Sometimes You that you should check out. Find out why in our Ovivo review!


Ovivo is a solid platformer experience that will appeal to the hardcore gamers out there who hate any form of tutorials or hand-holding, as well as players who like a minimalist control setup since you’ll only need to worry about moving with the left analog stick and using the one button for everything else. You play as some kind of blob, and you move through each level as you grab as many collectibles as you can. It’s a streamlined platforming experience, without any unnecessary clutter. That doesn’t mean the game is an easy one!

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The campaign itself is rather short, but the challenge ramps up at a steady pace during the couple of hours and change you’re going to spend playing Ovivo from start to finish. During that time, patience, practice, and perseverance is definitely required for you to enjoy Ovivo. The art style is very minimalist, with all the black and white allowing you to focus on the action. You’ll be manipulating gravity to be able to beat the game, avoiding the usual obstacles and hazards you’d expect to find in a platformer, with the always classic pointy spikes and the bottomless pits you know and love.


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There are plenty of collectibles to find, and while some are in plain sight, some will require a slight deviation from the main path for you to find them. On top of that, there are symbols to collect as well, and to find these, you will need good platforming skills and be willing to make some dangerous jumps along the way. Collectibles are always a big drive for exploring away from the main path, and they end up adding some extra replay value for those that want to 100% the game. The level select screen is very artistic, feeling like a very relaxing piece of art – it’s very elaborate! This will serve as your hub for accessing levels to play/replay as needed.


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Ovivo is a fun minimalist platformer on PlayStation 4 with a budget price of $6.99. For this, you’ll get a couple of hours out of the game, with a nice difficulty curve that will not overwhelm you. It’s not going to blow you away, but it’s a good artistic option to play between longer games.

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This Ovivo review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Sometimes You.

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Fun and short artistic minimalist platformer