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[PlayStation 4] Red Bow Review


The latest one from Stranga Games and Ratalaika Games is about a young girl’s journey in a nightmare world. Learn more in our Red Bow review!


Red Bow is a top-down, creepy adventure game that sets players in the role of Roh, a young girl who gets trapped in a bizarre nightmare filled with creepy monsters!

Roh finds herself trapped in a strange dark nightmare world. Help her realize what role she plays by exploring creepy environments.

Solve puzzles and find hidden secrets on your adventure. The items you find along the way will decide on which ending you get!

The story starts with Roh, the young protagonist of this game, waking up in her bed, not sure if the dream she just had was a trip into a nightmare world or if things were really happening. After exploring the house, you’ll end up leaving through the front door, only to go across a bit of darkness and end up in a foggy street with your house nowhere to be found. Soon after, you’ll encounter the first weird creature of your adventure: Kubi, a being who watches over the void of the road. From there, your adventure will have you meet different souls and creatures over the course of three different dreams.


Red Bow Review

The game plays from a top-down perspective, with some nice pixelated graphics that reminded me of the 8-bit and 16-bit era. You move around with the left joystick and interact with objects or points of interest with the X button (although the tutorial when you start the game, for some reason, says you should use the Circle button). Sometimes you’ll collect items that are placed in your inventory, which you can access with the Options button when you need to use them to interact with a specific point of interest (like, for example, using a key with a door). You won’t have to worry about combining items together, so you’ll get a more streamlined experience.

In the first few minutes, there’s nothing that seems weird or out of this world, since it’s just a girl that wakes up in her bed. But the moment you get on that empty street and meet Kubi, things quickly get on the weird side. Strange creatures, people who have been hanged but are still alive and speak with you, it all quickly becomes a bit tense, and that’s only during Roh’s first dream! Each time you get to the end of one of her dreams, you simply wake up in Roh’s house, only to find a new point of interest that will lead you to the next one.

Red Bow Review

The puzzles are not challenging since there are not a lot of interactable things and items to collect, so it was easy to get through the game, which took me about an hour on my first playthrough. Although the game lacks the challenge you find in other games in which you need to find and combine items to progress through the game, it does offer some extra replay value as there are different endings to reach.


With you being able to complete each subsequent playthroughs quicker since you will know your way around the game, it’s not really an issue to go back for extra runs, which is a good thing since you’ll be required to play quite a few to figure out all the endings and branching to get all the missable trophies. If you’re following a guide, you could end up getting all the trophies and the (double) Platinum in one evening, but it could take a few extra hours if you’re going into this blindly.

Red Bow Review


Final Thoughts
Red Bow is not a game-of-the-year contender, but it is a satisfying experience with a nice creepy atmosphere and some good replay value to get all the endings, especially at a small price like this.

Price: $4.99
PSN Game Size: 31.7GB

This Red Bow review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

Review Overview

Fun and creepy adventure