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[Beyond PlayStation] Incredible Mandy Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Incredible Mandy Review
  • On February 4, 2020

Incredible Mandy from Circle Entertainment and Dotoyou Games is a charming puzzle action adventure that is a great one to play on Nintendo Switch. Find out why in our Incredible Mandy review!


In Incredible Mandy, you will go on a journey into the memories of a brother and sister, which are buried in dreams. Mandy will be guiding her brother during this adventure, as they both try to work hard towards unlocking more and more of the lost memories which have gone away after a terrible accident. It is during said accident that Mandy’s brother lost his right hand, but in the dream world, this is not an issue, since he can use his new hand to summon the Excalibur of Light.


You can jump or roll – while crouching with the L button – by pressing the B button. You can also interact with things with the A button. Sometimes you’ll need to run forward, which you can do by pressing and holding down the R button. The Excalibur of Light is a very useful tool that can be used as a sword or as a bow. You’ll be summoning the sword with the Y button, attacking with it to defend yourself from the monsters you’ll battle. You can also press and hold the Y button to charge up your sword to unleash an energy attack around you.

Incredible Mandy Review - 1


Energy copies of the sword can also be placed on the ground by pressing and holding down the X button. By doing this, you can link different energy copies of the Excalibur of Light to then unleash a charged energy attack, which will come in handy when trying to solve some of the puzzles. When you want to use the Excalibur of Light as a bow, you can draw it out with the ZL button, taking aim with the right analog stick, releasing an arrow with the Y button. In order to stay safe, you will also need to dodge enemy attacks with the ZR button. These actions will require some energy from the bar below your health bar, which you can recharge at special pedestals.

Incredible Mandy Switch Review - 2


The first game that I thought of when I booted up Incredible Mandy was RiME from Tequila Works, thanks to the brother’s red cape and the way both characters looked on the title screen. The environment they were in also reminded me of RiME, but it also had some The Legend of Zelda vibes – at least when thinking of the 3D games in The Legend of Zelda franchise. Incredible Mandy focuses more on the puzzle side of things most of the time, but there are some battles to take on in which you will need to keep your health points in mind.


Regular enemies are not that much of a challenge since as long as you use your sword to slash away, you should be able to survive. And if you’re not into battles and just want to enjoy the game’s puzzles and overall setting, then you can select the Easy difficulty and remove them from your run. The battles that do change the pace are the boss fights you will take on at the end of each area, after you’ve solved dozens of puzzles and managed to reach the final section where it’s only you and the big boss.

Incredible Mandy Switch Review - Boss


There are several collectibles for you to add to your collection, including a series of cards, comic books, and some movies. Treasure chests are hidden all over the game, so be sure to rotate the camera in each section you explore so that you can make sure there are no treasure chests left behind. Some of them will even grant you some extra health points! Incredible Mandy also has an in-game achievement system that feels as if it was the trophy list for a PlayStation 4 release, ready for fellow trophy hunters to dive in. There are achievements to unlock for things such as completing a level in more than one hour, eliminating a particular demon in three seconds, dying six times, beating the game in four hours or less, beating each of the bosses, and more. There’s even an achievement called Platinum that you get for unlocking all other achievements!

Incredible Mandy Switch Switch Review - 4

Incredible Mandy is a fun puzzle action adventure with interesting gameplay mechanics. Other than some issues when the camera decided to move on its own, sending me down a bottomless sky or into a deep pond– which only prompted the game to quickly reload my character onto some solid ground – I had a good time with this indie release. Being able to change the difficulty setting to remove fights to focus on the puzzles is a great option for players that might not be as good at sword fighting, and it makes it possible for a wider range of gamers to take Incredible Mandy for a spin. The game is out on Nintendo Switch for only $14.99.

This Incredible Mandy review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Circle Entertainment.

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3D puzzle action adventure with fun gameplay mechanics and a great look