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[PlayStation 4] Without Escape Review

[PlayStation 4] Without Escape Review
  • On February 5, 2020

Without Escape from Bumpy Trail Games and Eastasiasoft is an old-school infused point and click adventure with a supernatural theme. Learn more in our Without Escape review!


In Without Escape, you will take on a point and click adventure from a first-person perspective. This is an experience that aims to pay homage to the classics from the early 1990s, so you’ll be taking on static screens on which you’ll do what the genre is known for: pointing at things with a cursor and clicking on them to investigate. Because of this, the controls are very simple and easy to understand. You’ll move the on-screen cursor with the left analog stick, slowing it down by pressing the Square button if needed. You will interact with things by pressing the X button, and can check your inventory with the R2 button… and that’s it!


Without Escape PS4 Review - Start

Your adventure will commence after you return home from an exhausting day of class. There’s no one else home, which at first might seem weird. But then you remember that your parents had told you they might end up visiting your grandparents, so you figure that’s what has happened. Since your grandparents live roughly 200 miles away from your home, you imagine your parents are going to stay over there for the entire weekend. It’s you and some frozen lasagna since it was late and all the stores were closed.

Without Escape Review - 1


It’s then 2:45 a.m., and you wake up after hearing some strange noises. Thinking that someone could have broken into the house to try and rob the place, you get out of bed to investigate what is going on. The first step in this plan is to visit your parent’s bedroom to see if there’s anyone there. You’ll learn the basics in this room since you’ll notice that the on-screen cursor will display an X if whatever it’s hovering over is not something you can interact with. If you move the cursor over an item of interest, the circle with the X will turn into a magnifying glass. And if you can move between parts of the area or exit to another spot, you will see the cursor turn into an arrow or a door with an arrow.


I don’t want to spoil the game’s puzzles since the puzzles are the part that will keep you busy in a point and click adventure, but I do want to mention that you’re going to want to click on everything you can in every single room you visit. Point and click adventure games from back in the day would sometimes decide to be a bit cryptic about their puzzles, not giving players that many clues as to what needed to be done next, which is why clicking on everything, paying attention to all text, and searching for and collecting as many items as possible is the way to go. As a heads-up, be sure to click on the toilet in the bathroom – you’ll thank me for it.


Without Escape PlayStation 4 Review - 4

As for the trophies for this budget cross-buy release, it’s going to be pretty hard to miss any of the trophies if you play the game from start to finish. The name for each of the trophies will serve as a small clue as to what you need to do to make them pop, so be sure to check the list so that you can get an idea of what type of items are going to be needed, or what actions need to be done. One of the missable trophies is for climbing up and down the stairs ten times in a single session, so be sure to take care of that one right away as soon as you exit the first room in the game.


Without Escape PlayStation 4 Review - 3

Depending on your experience with point and click adventure games with an old-school twist, you’re looking at around 2 hours or so for completing Without Escape. Once you finish it, you can go into the Extras menu to learn more about the inspiration for the game, as well as how it was developed over the years, starting way back in 2001. You can also use a Music Player to listen to the music in the game, or a Video Player to rewatch the full-motion video cutscenes you’ve seen. Since there are different endings to the game, you will need to replay it to unlock all videos! Without Escape is a fun and challenging point and click adventure that pays homage to games from the early 1990s. It’s out now on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita as a cross-buy game for only $4.99.

Without Escape PS4 Review - 2

This Without Escape review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by eastasiasoft.

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Fun and challenging homage to the point and click games of the early 1990s