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[Beyond PlayStation] 80 Days Review

[Beyond PlayStation] 80 Days Review
  • On February 6, 2020

80 Days is a steampunk adventure in which you’ll race around the world, with a visual novel twist. Learn more in our 80 Days review!


Inkle’s 80 Days, which is based on the beloved Around the World in Eighty Days from Jules Verne, places you in the role of Passepartout, the loyal valet of one Phileas Fog, who has wagered he can travel around the world in 80 Days. It’s 1872, which makes his statement all the more fantastic. It’s a game in which the choices you make will dictate how the story plays out, and if you’ll be able to make good on your promise to travel around the world within a mere 80 days. You must also do this within your available budget, so be sure to pay attention to every expense you have along the way!

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Since you need to complete your journey in 80 days, time is of the essence, and you will need to plan your actions so that you can make every single day count! The game is on a timer that is always running, and it won’t stop while you decide what your next step is going to be. Have you managed to pack everything you’re going to need for this non-stop trip? You don’t want to end up short of your goal only because you didn’t plan properly. Just be sure you don’t pack too many things since it’s going to cost you, and you might end up being slowed down by the extra load!


What are you going to take with you as you depart with Monsieur Fogg’s apartment in London? Will you take his evening jacket? Or perhaps you should grab the pocket altimeter? It’s going to be a long trip, so maybe taking a set of playing cards could ease things up and make the trip more of a delight? You should always consider what you have on you since selling said belongings might be a good way to procure additional funds if you find yourself a bit short during a leg of the journey.

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The choices you make and the interactions you have with Monsieur Fogg and other characters you meet will dictate what new routes you discover so that you can select from the available options and plan that part of your trip accordingly. As you arrive in each city, you will need to decide if you want to try and sell some of your Master’s possessions, or if you should spend some hours exploring around to see if you can find something – or someone – that could help you speed up your travel.


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Picking up new items, as well as paying to have another piece of luggage with you, will prove to be invaluable since what can be bought at a reasonable price in, say, Paris, might be extremely valuable if taken to Germany and presented to the right buyer. Since every leg of your trip will have a different cost, you will always need to have some funds on you. Perhaps you could visit a bank and see if they will extend a line of credit for Monsieur Fogg? It will take some extra days, lowering the overall time left to make good on traveling around the world in 80 days, but having an extra thousand (or more!) on you could make a huge difference. You might also want to see if you can negotiate a better deal for some of your traveling needs so that you can stretch your budget as much as possible.

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If you’re a fan of adventure games and visual novels, you’re in for a treat, because 80 Days features a great art style to go along with the engaging story and plot twists you’ll experience. It features roughly 750,000 words, which is a huge chunk of text to read! To give you an idea of why 750,000 is a big deal for a game like 80 Days, the original Around the World in Eighty Days novel from Jules Verne is around 66,000 words, give or take, making this game more than ten times longer than the novel!


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80 Days is a wonderful game that shines on Nintendo Switch. It has plenty of content for its $12.99 asking price, offering some nice replay value thanks to all the many choices you can make along the way. It gives us the definitive version of 80 Days, with the main game and all extra expansions – the North Pole Expedition, North America, and more – to give us a lot of bang for its low price. I had a ton of fun playing 80 Days for this review, and I’ll definitely keep playing it as I mix up my decisions to try and see everything it has to offer.

This 80 Days review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by inkle.

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Excellent adventure around the world with a ton of content to enjoy