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[PlayStation 4] FoxyLand 2 Review


2D platformer FoxyLand 2 from BUG-Studio and Ratalaika Games is now out on PlayStation. Check if it’s as fun as its predecessor in our FoxyLand 2 review!


After a peaceful day looking for cherries, Foxy’s children were kidnapped by the mean Wolfie brothers. Now it’s up to Foxy and Jennie to rescue their children!

After saving his loved one in the first game, Foxy was leading a quiet life with his partner and their two kids. One day Foxy went to the eastern parts of the island they live on to gather some cherries to feed the kids. As he was picking the cherries, he hears the sound of his wife and kids screaming for help. He quickly returns, only to find his wife trapped in a box, and that the Wolfie brothers kidnaped their kids. It’s then that Foxy sets out on an adventure to save the kids!

FoxyLand 2 PlayStation 4 Review

The gameplay is pretty similar to the first game, with a few differences. The game is a platformer where you simply have to get to the end of each relatively short level. As you progress through them, you can jump and double jump to avoid spikes and pits and to jump over or on top enemies. In this sequel, you can now also collect cherries that will serve as throwable weapons to take out enemies. While that might not be necessary for early encounters, you’ll eventually meet with some that have spikes on their back or with cactuses that are naturally pointy, so you simply can’t jump on them.


FoxyLand 2 PlayStation 4 Review

Another change compared to the first game that’s a drastic change in how you’ll play the game is the fact that you don’t have any health. In the first game, you had three hearts that would allow you to be hit by enemies or spikes and not die instantly. In this one, you have a one-time chance at completing your level. Some of the levels do have checkpoints so that you’ll restart from there if you die, but it still means you can’t be hit by anything, which makes for a more challenging game than the first one. Visually, the game’s pretty much the same thing as the first one. Some nice and colorful pixel-art that fits the vibe the game has.

FoxyLand 2 PS4 Review

The first game was a pleasant ride that caught me by surprise, so when I started this one, I was already expecting to have fun during the time it would take me to complete the game, also expecting a relatively easy experience. The fun was there, but it was also much more challenging than I expected. The fact that you can’t be hit at all changes things a lot since, in this sequel, a single hit will have you lose a life, so you have to be really careful. Another change I really liked is how you’ll be able to progress to new levels. Each stage has three hidden FoxyCoin, and you’ll be required to collect at least some of them since you can eventually hit roadblocks that will require that you have obtained X number of coins to be able to access the next level.


FoxyLand 2 PS4 Review

And as for the trophies, it’s just what you’d expect from a game by Ratalaika, which means two easy Platinums if you also have a PlayStation Vita handy. You’ll be required to complete the 20 first levels – not even the whole game – and you’ll probably have gathered all the other trophies while getting there, granting you a Platinum that should take you between one and two hours, tops, depending on your experience with 2D platformers.


Final Thoughts
FoxyLand 2 is a worthy sequel that’s is as much fun as its predecessor, with some nice changes in terms of gameplay to make it feel like a sequel, not just a copy-paste of the first game with a different look.

Price: $5.99 USD
PSN Game Size: 90MB

This FoxyLand 2 review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

Review Overview

Enjoyable platforming sequel!