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[Beyond PlayStation] Bridge Builder Adventure Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Bridge Builder Adventure Review
  • On February 18, 2020

Bridge Builder Adventure from BoomBit Games is a fun fantasy themed physics-based puzzler on Nintendo Switch. Check our Bridge Builder Adventure review!


In Bridge Builder Adventure, you will take on different bridge building challenges in a colorful fantasy world. You’ll not only have to build structures that are durable and reliable, but you’ll also have to collect keys along the way. The game has 60 levels to offer, split into four sets. You will get to explore Shroomland, Cloudopolis, Vulcania, and the aptly named Winterland, as you try and save the orc princess who smiled at you from the other side of the bridge before the evil dwarf ended up blowing the bridge, keeping you away from her.


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As long as you can build a bridge structure that can sustain the weight of the car that will go over it, as well as collect the key that opens the next level, you’ll be good to go. You’ll have different materials at your disposal so that you can make good use of them to create the structures that you need. While materials such as wood or iron are to be expected, you’ll also be able to get a bit more creative by employing, say, balloons to give the bridge a bit of extra height that will prove to be useful.


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You will move the cursor with the left analog stick, moving the camera with the right analog stick, zooming in and out on the action with the ZL and ZR buttons. When you want to build, you can do so with the A button to start to place the different pieces that will be forming your bridge structure so that you can get to the goal for each stage. You can use the D-Pad to select between road pieces or pieces of wood that can be used to balance out your structure so that it has something to hold onto as support.

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If you make a mistake, you can undo your last action with the L button. If there is no way for you to redo things and fix any issues, you can clear everything with the R button. Once you think you’ve ready to test if you’ve built something that can help you grab the key and clear a stage, you can start a simulation with the X button. When playing in Portable or Tabletop mode, or when taking on Bridge Builder Adventure on a Nintendo Switch Lite, you’ll be able to use the touchscreen to control everything.

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Every piece that you set on a stage will have a cost attached to it, so you won’t be able to just place as many pieces as you want since there will be a limit on the size of what you end up building. This will not be an issue for the first handful of stages that you take on, but it will certainly start to get in your way during the second world and on. Since triangular structures are very handy and add some much-needed support, you can press down on the left analog stick to trigger being able to instantly drop some triangles into your structure, instead of having to draw each side of the triangle, one piece at a time.

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Once you’ve cleared a stage, you can go right back to replay it so that you can press the Y button to take on the same stage in hard mode, which has the same gameplay mechanics, with the extra difficulty of how the vehicle that will cross the structure will have some extra weight thrown in, which will boost the overall challenge since it might turn out that the bridge you’ve created is not balanced for the added weight.

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Bridge Builder Adventure is a fun take on the “build a structure so that your vehicle can get from point A to point B” genre. It starts out at a slow burn, easing you into things before you are required to use different materials to keep your vehicle from crashing down into the void. It’s an overall easier game when compared to other similar releases, as it will give you a hand by showing you where each piece might be best-placed thanks to the nodes it will present to you in each stage. Add how you can trigger a grid overlay to help you plan how you spend your budget, and this is an easy one to recommend to those new to this subgenre. Bridge Builder Adventure is out on Nintendo Switch for $14.99.

This Bridge Builder Adventure review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by BoomBit Games.

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Fun fantasy themed physics-based bridge building puzzler