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[Beyond PlayStation] Bee Simulator Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Bee Simulator Review
  • On March 9, 2020

Bee Simulator from BIGBEN Interactive and Varsav Game Studios is a game that allows you to see the world through the eyes of said insect. Learn more in our Bee Simulator review!


As the name suggests, in Bee Simulator, you’ll get a chance to see the world through the eyes of a bee as you fly around here, there, and everywhere. The game takes place in a location that has been inspired by Central Park in New York City, and since you’re a honeybee, your goal will be to collect nectar for the wellbeing of the hive. Before you start playing the game, Bee Simulator will give you some insight into the importance of honey bees in the world, as well as letting you know about its predators, and how humankind is also doing some damage to their ecosystem. There is more information to learn about bees during loading screens.

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Soon after this, you’ll be picking up a profile to get going, as well as if you want to play the game in Easy or Hard mode. The difficulty you select will affect how much pollen you can collect, how hard battles will be, as well as the overall time you’ll have for completing some of the challenges, so choose wisely! You’ll get to start your journey as a new bee that has just started its new life. Flying around as a bee does give the game a very relaxing vibe, as you try to make ends meet. While the game will give you a default name, you do have the option of editing it, just in case you don’t like the pun-infused name bestowed upon you by Bee Simulator – I left mine as Beescuit.

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Before you can dive into the game proper, you will first need to go through a short tutorial so that you can get the hang of things. You’ll move your bee with the left analog stick, moving up with the ZL button, and moving down with the ZR button. You can use the right analog stick to move the camera to look around. The X button is for using your sting in case you need to defend yourself. Sure, in real-life, a honey bee would die after stinging someone, but this is a video game, so that doesn’t apply in Bee Simulator. If you’re ever stuck, be sure to follow the golden markers that will show you the way. If you want to fly faster, then you can use your Beetro power by pressing the R button – that is, as long as you have enough of a charge left! Collect pollen to full up your Beetro bar.


By pressing into the right analog stick, you will activate Bee Vision. What this does is show the world through a different lens, letting you know what type of flowers are around you based on their rarity. Common flowers are white, uncommon flowers will be shown in green, rare flowers will be presented in yellow, and epic flowers will show as red. If you spot a flower that is purple, then that means it’s a legendary flower, the rarest of them all!

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You will need to collect a lot of pollen in Bee Simulator. To do this, just fly through any flowers that have golden orbs on them. Once you’ve collected enough pollen to fill up the honey pot in the bottom left corner of the screen, you will need to deposit the pollen back at the hive before you can collect some more. Any pollen you’ve collected will be dropped off automatically once you’re within range of the hexagon wall of the hive.

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As you play, you will obtain Knowledge Points. These can be traded in for new options in the Wardrobe category, to give your bee a new look. This will include making it look as a bee from another species, as well as giving your bee a hat (who doesn’t love hats for customization options?), as well as adding a trail behind your bee that could give it a red, green, or blue look, leave stars in your path, add a fairy spark, fireworks, mystic bubbles, and more.

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Bee Simulator includes an in-game achievements system called Feats. You will unlock them by completing objectives such as reporting back to the Queen Bee about animals, feeding a ton of little bees, collecting pollen from the giant water Lilly, help ants across the water, finding the wise-bee’s flower, driving the mole away, dancing with a bee from another species, collecting pollen from 1,000 flowers, completing all chase challenges, completing all flight challenges, completing the game, and more.

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Bee Simulator is a fun take on the world of bees, with plenty of objectives to complete, a fully voice-acted story mode, plenty of unlockables, and an in-game achievement mode with a long list of Feats to complete. I enjoyed my time with the game, and it certainly exceeded my expectations. Bee Simulator is out on Nintendo Switch digitally and at retail for $39.99.

This Bee Simulator review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by BIGBEN Interactive.

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