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[Beyond PlayStation] Lumini Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Lumini Review
  • On March 11, 2020

Lumini from 2Aweasome Studio and Speelbaars is a charming and relaxing adventure on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Lumini review!


In Lumini from 2Aweasome Studio and now-defunct indie studio Speelbaars, you will take control of the titular creatures, who had been MIA for thousands of years. During this time, what was once a peaceful world was turned into a more hostile environment, and it’s up to the Lumini to find a way to band together and act up to bring back balance to the planet. Can you help them survive in this new world as they bring back the balance the planet so desperately needs?

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You will move your Lumini with the left analog stick as you flow from location to location, and you can split groups by moving the right analog stick. You can use them separately by color by pressing the X, B, A, and Y buttons for the yellow, red, purple, and blue Lumini, respectively. Special abilities are set the ZL button, and you can use a stun attack with the ZR button. Your adventure will begin with just the one purple Lumini, but you will soon be able to call upon more friends to aid you.


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You will start with only one Lumini and will soon realize that one is not going to be enough to get the job done. You’ll run into a pair of switches that need to be pressed, and you certainly can’t have a lonely Lumini be at two spots at the same time! Luckily, you can collect some energy spores nearby and bring them back to a large blue cube in the starting area to wake up more of your Lumini friends, so that you can use the group to solve this and the other puzzles you will run into. For example, you will run into a rotating contraption that sits next to a closed door. If you use your group of Lumini to flow around it in a clockwise direction, you will eventually make it go fast enough to open the door.


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Your Lumini will have different abilities depending on which color you’re commanding. The blue Lumini can execute a quick short dash with the ZL button, while the red ones have a handy shockwave attack that can defeat enemies that come too close. The yellow ones can create an electromagnetic field that can quickly attract the energy spores that you use at the large cubes to obtain more Lumini for your group. As I played, I ended up being reminded of the great Pikmin series from Nintendo, what with the different colored Lumini having different abilities, as well as from being able to split them into smaller groups to activate switches.

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Not all is colorful happiness in Lumini since you will run into hazards that can completely destroy your group. As is always the case, spikes are going to be bad news for your group, since touching them will kill your Lumini. You’ll also run into creatures and plants that will defend themselves from your group, and you’ll need to avoid them as not to risk having some of your Lumini defeated or eaten during the interaction. If all of your Lumini are gone, then you’ll respawn at the last cube that you reached.

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As you play Lumini, you will get a chance to unlock the bonus art you can see under the Extras section in the main menu for the game. These include several pieces of concept art that was used to create the creatures and the locations of Lumini, as well as a variety of models that showcase the work done to bring all of this to life on your TV screen – or the Nintendo Switch’s screen if playing in Portable or Tabletop mode, or when using a Nintendo Switch Lite console. Just be on the lookout for the large crystals, and you’ll unlock more and pieces for each category. Some of them will be locked away by switch puzzles, while others will be in secret locations that might at first seem out of reach. If you find a wall that looks suspicious, look into it!


Lumini is a short and charming adventure on Nintendo Switch that is not going to be for everyone. Its relaxing setting and music are a plus for the game, but the lack of an overall challenge, as well as how most of the puzzles in the game will ask that you split your group so that you can touch two switches at the same time, might feel a bit monotonous to some of you. Lumini is out on Nintendo Switch for $9.99, and at that price, you’re getting an adventure that will last you a couple of hours and change.

This Lumini review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by 2Awesome Studios.

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