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[Beyond PlayStation] Bitlogic Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Bitlogic Review
  • On March 12, 2020

Bitlogic from Spanish indie OXiAB Game Studio is a virtual arcade adventure in a cyberpunk world. Learn more about it in our Bitlogic review!


Bitlogic: A Cyberpunk Arcade Adventure was initially developed by Spanish indie OXiAB Game Studio as a new game for the MSX, an old-school home computer from the 1980s. The team then decided to port it and revamp it all for the Nintendo Switch, with a new look and feel that brings its virtual cyberpunk world to life. Worry not if you’re a fan of the old-school MSX because the Nintendo Switch version includes both the new version as well as the MSX version for you to enjoy.

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You will take control of Bit, your personal avatar in a virtual cyberpunk world in which danger lurks around every corner. Bit can’t jump or crouch, but he will be able to walk around and shoot at enemies. At least the good news is that falling damage, something that many classic games used to have by which falling from too high would either heavily damage your character or kill it, is not part of the equation. Not being able to make Bit jump will certainly change how you approach this game.


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Your first few minutes with Bitlogic will show you how not being able to jump will force you to find new ways to progress. In a regular 2D platformer, you’d be presented with platforms and steps of all shapes and sizes, and your jump height and length would be the things keeping you from progressing through some areas. For Bitlogic, you will usually need to climb a ladder or two in order to be able to clear a jump – with an avatar who can’t jump – so that you fall on a platform below that will take you to the next area. If you see a step or two that are not that that tall, say, at the height of Bit’s knees, then worry not because he’ll be able to clear that with no issues.


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You will also find enemies of all shapes and sizes that you’ll need to defeat. You can shoot Bit’s gun with the A, B, X, ZL, R, and ZR buttons, and you’ll need to pay attention to the type of enemy you’re facing so that you can plan your strategy accordingly. Some enemies will be flying around on a specific movement pattern, while others might be walking on solid ground. There are enemies that will be defeated with a single shot, while others will require you to quickly mash an attack button before it’s too late. You also need to be extra careful with some enemies since they will regenerate once you’ve defeated them, so you better take that time to run towards safety! Some enemies will be moving around on the floor but will be too small for you to aim at them, so you’ll be forced to take some damage.


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Bit will have a health bar, displayed at the upper left corner of the screen, and once it’s depleted, Bit will lose a life. You will have extra lives, represented by the heads on top of the health bar, so don’t risk things too much when you’re low o health! At least you can collect the aptly labeled cartridges that display “Extra Life” on the outside, thusly increasing your overall extra lives count. You can also fully recover your health by completing a section and switching areas.


Bitlogic: A Cyberpunk Arcade Adventure will make you guide Bit as you both explore each area in full because if you want to progress through the game, you’ll need to find enough chips in each location. There are different checkpoints, marked as such, in the game, and each one will have a number of chips for you to find before it changes from its “locked down” red status to a much more welcoming green “open” status. Once you’ve found enough chips, you’ll be able to complete the checkpoint’s circuit board and carry on with your quest on the virtual world. As a bonus, chips will also help you recover some of your health if you’re about to die.

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Bitlogic has an in-game achievements system, with 22 achievements in total to unlock. The objectives to complete include completing the game, completing the game in the retro MSX mode, completing the game without being hit, not dying during your entire run, completing the game in less than 20 minutes, locating all of the cartridges in the game, or earning 100,00 points during a single run, to name some examples. It’s a list that will keep you coming back for more if you’re the type of gamer who likes to 100% a game.

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Bitlogic: A Cyberpunk Arcade Adventure is not going to be a game that everyone likes. It started its journey as an MSX game, and that shows even in the revamped Nintendo Switch version with its new look and soundtrack. Not being able to jump in what is essentially a 2D platformer is going to rub some people the wrong way, but if you give Bitlogic a chance, you will find a solid arcade adventure that will last you a couple of hours. Playing it twice to finish it in the original MSX mode and the revamped Nintendo Switch HD mode is also something I recommend you do so that you can get the most out of this budget $6.99 release.

This Bitlogic review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by OXiAB Game Studio.

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Old-school infused arcade adventure in a cyberpunk world