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[PlayStation 4] Reed Remastered Review


In the virtual world of Reed Remastered from Ratalaika Games and PXLink, you are its only hope! Find out more in our Reed Remastered review!


The story of the game is not really an aspect that influences the game in any way, but it goes like this: You are in a virtual world that’s been created by a supercomputer, and it’s about to crash. You were created with the sole purpose of collecting information cubes that will help recalibrate the world and reboot the system.

Reed Remastered Review

As you start playing, you’ll quickly pick up the simple controls, since all you can do is move with the left analog joystick or the D-Pad, and jump (or double-jump) with the X button. Your goal in each level is pretty simple too since you have to collect the information cubes that are somewhere in the level. Once you collect a cube, a door will open in the level, and you just have to go through it to take on the next stage. There are a few levels that will also have a secret passage, which will only be available if you reach it before retrieving the level’s information cube. Don’t think it’ll be anything special since secret levels only put you in front of another cube for you to pick up, as well as an exit back to the level you were in.


At first, the levels will be rather simple with some spikes here and there that you have to avoid as a single hit has you restarting the level over. As you progress trhough the game hazards will amp up the difficulty. You’ll eventually encounter things such as spinning blades, traps that shoot arrows, or birds that run around that you can luckily stun briefly by jumping on them. As for the platforming, you’ll get the regular stuff you see in the genre: with moving platforms, some that fall after a brief moment, and even some that appear for a moment once you crossed some type of lamp post.

Reed Remastered Review

After playing this one, I ended up with mixed feelings about it. The levels are rather short, so if you end up having a hard time on some parts and die, you’ll be able to quickly give it another go. There are times where your death is purely luck-based. Jumping over a pit that you can’t see the bottom of, only to find enemies in your way or an arrow trap shooting right at you, these are things you have absolutely no control over, but you’ll get to learn from your mistakes.


As for the trophies, though, this is another easy platinum that you can get if you complete almost all levels, just leaving the last one pending. There are also trophies for finding four secret levels, but if you miss any of them, you can always go back to the level select screen and see where that pending secret level is located.

Reed Remastered Review


Final Thoughts
Reed Remastered is a fun, small, challenging platformer that’s worth your time for its budget price, but do expect a few moments of frustration on some levels that will test your patience.

Price: $4.99 USD
PSN Game Size: 70MB

This Reed Remastered review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

Review Overview

Short and fun platformer with an easy Platinum!