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[Beyond PlayStation] Roundguard Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Roundguard Review
  • On March 23, 2020

Roundguard by Wonderbelly Games and The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild is a fun arcade-style physics-driven dungeon crawler. Check our Roundguard review!


As soon as you look at Roundguard, you’re probably going to be reminded of Peggle, right? This is not a bad thing, because, sure, you could describe Roundguard as Peggle+dungeon crawler roguelike, and you wouldn’t be mistaken. And just like Peggle, Roundguard is a highly addictive game that you’re going to love on Nintendo Switch! You’ll get to take on a new adventure by playing as either a Warrior, a Rogue, or a Wizard, and each one will provide you with different skills, items, stats, and more. As expected, the Warrior is the one with the highest attack potential, while the Wizard has the highest mana rating. The Rogue is going to make the most of its lower health total, balanced mana count, and double jump starting skill to save the day.

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Your adventure will begin by meeting Ledger D. Main, the host of this particular journey. If his name didn’t clue you in, he’s the DM for this adventure! You’ll go forth into Castle Springbottom, which is, unfortunately, under attack. Because of this, the King calls in the titular Roundguard to save the day! To do this, you must recover all of the gold that the King has lost since this is the only way in which you will be able to truly save him. Do you have what it takes to beat all enemies and loot as much as possible to be victorious?


You’ll launch your hero by aiming with the left analog stick – or doing some precision aiming by pressing and holding the ZL button or using the D-Pad. Once you’re ready, you can launch your hero with the A button, fast-forwarding as needed with the ZR button. While your hero is bouncing around, you can make good use of your skills with the X and Y buttons, so that you can destroy your opponents in style. Speaking of your enemies, if you need to check their information, you can do so by pressing and holding down the B button.

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Your abilities will be shown on the left side of the screen so that you can know which button activates which skill. The left side of the screen will also showcase your health bar, which establishes how much damage you can take before your hero is down for the count, as well as your mana. Mana is very important as well because it will dictate how many times you can use your skills during a round. You will also see your hero’s level, as well as how much experience it has obtained and how much is needed to level up. As your hero levels up, it will gain access to new abilities, as well as get a boost to its overall stats.


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The roguelike elements kick in right from the start, since every time you start to play, you’ll get a randomly generated dungeon to take on. Levels are procedurally generated, enemies are placed at random, and your quests will also be randomized. Roundguard also has permadeath, but at least it offers a small benefit. When this happens, you’ll get a chance to bring in a trinket for your next run, depending on how much gold you managed to collect. The more gold you have, the better the odds of getting one of the best trinkets to aid you on your journey! Since when you hit enemies, you deal damage to them based on your attack power, and they also hit you back, you’re definitely going to die. A lot.

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You might get a trinket that boosts your overall health, or another one that allows you to deal some extra damage… every other room. Maybe. And for a single hit. You could also get trinkets that allow your hero to gain an extra dodge chance against attacks from a specific enemy type, or another one that allows you to heal your hero when you enter a treasure room. Combine trinkets with the other items you can equip to improve your hero, and you will find a great variety of winning combinations that can aid you.

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As you complete each room, you should be sure to press the R button so that you can check out the map for that act so that you can see which path you should take in order to reach specific types of rooms that will present some bonuses or challenges for your hero. You will also take on some bonus quests here and there, which will ask that you complete specific actions to complete them. For example, you might be asked to perform a spin attack 15 times, which is the starting ability for the Warrior class. Once you complete said quest, you will be rewarded for your efforts and could gain a valuable item that could make a difference in your performance – who knows, ballet slippers might be exactly what you needed!

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Roundguard is an excellent arcade-style game on Nintendo Switch that pays homage to Peggle while adding roguelike and RPG elements into the mix, giving us a very addictive release that is a lot of fun on Nintendo’s hybrid console. I ended up spending a ton of time playing this one as I just kept coming back for “one more round” over and over again. The variety of trinkets, equipment, items, and loot you can get, plus the randomized content you will take on in each subsequent run, will keep you busy for a while. Roundguard is out now on Nintendo Switch at only $19.99, and you’re definitely getting a ton of bang for your buck!

This Roundguard review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild.

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Fun and highly addictive arcade-style physics-driven dungeon crawler